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About SOAS

Government and Business

In close proximity to Whitehall and the City, both government departments and commercial organisations based in London benefit from world-class expertise on Africa and Asia.

a.  Individually and collectively, academic staff at SOAS provides advisory and consultancy services based on their research, policy and language expertise

b.  SOAS provides short courses and briefing sessions for government departments and London-based international organisations and city companies on languages and cultures of Africa and Asia which are tailored to both public service and business needs.

c.  SOAS prepares UK graduates specialising in Africa and Asia for employment in London's public, commercial and charitable work force.

d.  With large numbers of overseas students, SOAS builds long-term student and alumni relationships with future overseas partners in commerce and government.

e.  A web-based directory of specialist expertise relevant to government and business has been launched.

Examples of range of services for government and business include:

i.    language courses and briefings for the Foreign Office;

ii.   tri-partite seminars for government, business and academic participants;

iii.   regular meetings of African business group;

iv.  language and culture courses for businessmen about to be relocated to Africa and Asia.