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About SOAS

Culture and the Arts

With departments specialising in African and Asian music, literature and art, SOAS makes a unique contribution to London's cultural environment and performance arts.

a.  SOAS houses a permanent and unique collection of Chinese ceramics and has gallery space and exhibitions with an African and Asian focus which      are open to the public.

b.  SOAS hosts regular and special cultural events including concerts, lectures, workshops and conferences on music, literature and the performing arts      from Africa and Asia.

c.  The School's specialist research library, one of the largest collection of materials relating to the study of Africa, Asia and the Middle East, is available      for public consultation and information services.

d. SOAS has links with professional bodies, learned societies and London-based international institutions such as the British Museum and British Library,

Examples of cultural and arts activities include:

i.   permanent and special exhibitions at the Percival David Foundation;

ii.  Brunei Gallery exhibitions on travel, pottery, cityscapes;

iii. concert performances of Asian or African music and literature and poetry readings for both student and local populations.