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About SOAS

Legal and Media Centres

As a centre of expertise on Africa, Asia and the Middle East, SOAS staff are in constant demand by London's legal and media centres.

a.  SOAS staff provide both background analysis and commentary for the media in print, radio and television.

b.  SOAS staff provide services as consultants for legal firms with cases concerning asylum applications and indigenous customs.

c.  SOAS Law Department plays a leading role on providing courses specialising in Africa and Asia for students on both under-graduate and      post-graduate law degrees.

Examples from the wide range of services provided by SOAS staff include:

i.   commentaries on political events in Kashmir, the Middle East, Burma, Indonesia and China;

ii.  evidence on marriage customs for Chinese and Nigerian law cases in UK courts;

iii.  legal commentaries for law firms and law centres acting for refugees and asylum seekers from Africa, Asia and NME.