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Charter and Standing Orders

This page includes links to the School's Charter, and the School's Standing Orders and Annexes to Standing Orders approved by the School's Governing Body.

Section 1: Introduction from the Clerk to Governing Body
Section 2: Charter and Articles
Section 3: Standing Orders

These Standing Orders were first issued in July 1997 by the Governing Body, under the powers conferred by Article V of the Charter of Incorporation. They have been subject to amendment by Governing Body since that date.

(i) Governing Body and Committees reporting directly to Governing Body
(ii) Other Standing Orders
Section 4: Annexes to Standing Orders

These annexes were issued in 1997 by Governing Body, and updated subsequently to reflect changes to the School Committee structure.

(i) Committees reporting to Academic Board
(ii) Committees reporting to Resources & Planning Committee
(iii) Committees reporting to Academic Board and Resources & Planning Committee
(iv) Procedures
(v) Other Annexes