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SOAS Standing Orders: Annex XV: Procedures for the Delegation of Responsibility by Governing Body to the Chair, Other Lay and School Officers

1. The Chair will have power to act on behalf of Governing Body in matters of urgency not admitting of delay provided that he/she will report any exercise of these powers to the next meeting.  This authority may in extremis be exercised by the Vice-Chair or the Honorary Treasurer.

2. In urgent matters which are not questions of principle, and where all Lay Officers of Governing Body are unavailable, the Director may exercise authority on their behalf subject to report to the relevant Lay Officer as soon as possible and written report to Governing Body at its next meeting.

3. By formal resolution Governing Body may from time to time delegate authority to senior School Officers to act on its behalf to conclude or execute matters agreed in principle by Governing Body.  Under the authority granted to Resources & Planning Committee, that Committee may similarly authorise senior School Officers to act on its and Governing Body's behalf.