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SOAS Standing Orders: Annex VIII: Human Resources Committee

Annex VIII Human Resources Committee

Human Resources Committee is a sub-committee of Resources & Planning Committee.  It is required to report to Resources & Planning Committee on a regular basis. It also has a responsibility to liaise with other committees and to keep them informed as necessary.

(i) The membership of Human Resources Committee will comprise
Registrar & Secretary
Ex-officio Members:
Director of Human Resources
Diversity Advisor
Other Members:
1 lay member appointed by Governing Body
1 Dean appointed by the Director
1 member of academic staff nominated by each Faculty
2 members of professional services/support staff nominated by the Registrar & Secretary

(ii) The Registrar & Secretary will nominate a Secretary.  The Committee will normally hold three ordinary meetings per annum.

(iii) Human Resources Committee will have the following terms of reference.

(a)  To consider strategic planning and policy development matters relating to human resources, leadership and management and to make recommendations to Resources & Planning Committee, Executive Board and other committees as appropriate;

(b)  To oversee the development of a Human Resources Strategy for the School in the context of the School’s Vision and Strategy for the Centennial and the School’s other sub-strategies;

(c)  To monitor the overall delivery of the Human Resources Strategy;

(d)  To review the Human Resources Strategy on an annual basis and recommend changes as appropriate;

(e)  To ensure that the Human Resources Strategy contains Performance Indicators and targets and to periodically monitor their delivery;

(f)  To make periodic reports to Resources & Planning Committee regarding the delivery or otherwise of the PIs and targets set in the Human Resources Strategy;

(g) To make an annual report to Resources & Planning Committee regarding the overall delivery of the Human Resources Strategy.