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SOAS Standing Orders XII: School Seal

XII    The School Seal

(i) The Secretary will be responsible for the control of the School Seal.  All documents to which the School Seal will be required to be fixed will be sealed in pursuance of a resolution of Governing Body or under delegated authority, provided that during vacation, and in the case of urgency, the Chair of Governing Body or Vice-Chair may give authority for the sealing of any such document in conjunction with another lay member of Governing Body.  The School Seal will be fixed to any document only in the presence of:

(a) The Director or the Registrar; and
(b) The Secretary or the Director of Finance & Planning.

This authority will not be delegated to any other member of staff except by resolution of Governing Body.  Such sealing will be attested by the signature of the persons in whose presence the School Seal is affixed.

(ii) The Secretary will keep a book in which the sealing of every document will be registered together with the date and the purpose for which the School Seal is affixed.  Each such record will be signed by the persons in whose presence the School Seal was affixed.