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Undergraduate application

To apply for an undergraduate degree at SOAS (including students wishing to transfer from another university) you must apply through the UK's central universities application organization, UCAS. An application form and details of courses can be found on their website. UCAS charges an applicant's fee for handling the application.

When do I apply?

If you are planning to start your degree in September 2015, we will be accepting UCAS applications up to the 30 June 2015 deadline. If you are looking to start your degree in September 2016, you will be able to make your UCAS application from the 1 September 2015.

UK and EU applicants should aim to send in their application by the main closing date of 15 January 2015. International students should apply before the 30 June 2015 deadline.

If you would like to start your degree in 2016 and take a year out beforehand, you can apply by the above deadlines and defer your start date by a year.

How do I apply?

You can apply to up to five choices of higher education institutions or course on the UCAS form. How you utilise the choice is up to you. In other words you could apply to do the same subject, for example economics, at five different universities, or five different courses at the same university, or any combination of subject and institution. Nor do you have to use up all five choices. Whatever you choose you should list your choices in the order they appear in the UCAS handbook.

Will I be interviewed?

Once UCAS has received your form it is distributed to whichever universities you selected. They will all consider your application and will then notify UCAS of their decision. You will have a variety of responses. At SOAS, for instance, we may make you an offer without an interview, based solely on your application form. Some departments may wish to interview suitable candidates. Whatever the response, be prepared to be patient as the whole process can take some time (see the UCAS calendar for the timescale and deadlines).

If you need to speak to us about your application please contact the Undergraduate Admissions team (undergradadmissions@soas.ac.uk) and remember to state your UCAS Application number (you will be given this by UCAS when it has received and processed your form), and the degree programme(s) you applied for.

English Language Requirements

In order to ensure that SOAS students have a sufficient standard of English to study effectively, we require overseas students to submit evidence, during the application process, of their current level of proficiency. 

Full details can be found on our English language requirements page.

Deferred Entry

SOAS is happy to consider applicants who wish to take a year out to gain some specific experience or to take part in projects, particularly if relevant to their chosen course and/or career. Some time spent productively overseas, on a Gap project for example, can be a great help for personal development and for the understanding it offers of other cultures.

We would advise you to apply in your final year of school or college and indicate on the UCAS form that you wish to defer (there is a special section for this). If your plans are relevant to your degree choice it would be beneficial to mention them in your personal statement.

Transfer students

If you are interested in transferring from another UK university to SOAS, either to continue the same course at SOAS or to start another course you must do so through UCAS. It is sometimes possible to grant exemptions from part of the course at SOAS in respect of previous study although students are always expected to complete two years of study at the School.

However, each case is looked at individually and you should give full details when you apply of the courses you have taken at university and the examinations you have passed there. We would also expect an academic reference from your current university tutor to be included in your UCAS application.

For further information and advice on admissions at SOAS go to the FAQs section or contact The Student Recruitment Office.

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