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Asia Mohamud, 2nd Year

I have learnt Swahili through my degree and eye-opening year abroad and words cannot explain how many doors learning a language can open both here and abroad.

BA Swahili and Development Studies

Previously I just dreamed about SOAS. I had some lectures on Africa while studying Social Anthropology in Hungary, and I discovered that my professor had studied at SOAS. This made me work hard to join SOAS.

To be here is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I can develop my academic skills and grow personally. My studies have been exciting and rewarding. The diverse, multicultural atmosphere has enhanced my creativity. I am part of SOAS’s rich student life, organising and joining diverse events like African, Korean or Japanese film screenings, the first South Asian Mela in autumn 2007, discussions on poverty and slavery, and the Summer Music School. These events have opened my eyes, and I have met lots of fellow students to share ideas and interests with.

At SOAS you feel at home straight away. It is small enough for you to know everyone, at least by face, and you learn so much about the world.

My tutors are really helpful. I have taken courses not available anywhere else. Learning Yorùbá has been a unique opportunity, and native speakers have given me a rare insight into the language and culture. SOAS is addictive. I might be back for a Masters or to explore more languages!