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Department of Anthropology and Sociology

Social Anthropology Seminar Series

Seminar convenor: Fabio Gygi (fg5@soas.ac.uk)

QUEERING ANTHROPOLOGY (amongst other things)


The core of this seminar series seeks to bring anthropology and queer theory into conversation with each other. Both disciplines have a shared interest in the critique of established categories and the ways in which `the normal` is constructed, maintained and sometimes enforced in everyday life. While queer theory arose from an uneasiness with essentializing categories of identity and sexuality and sought to think about mismatches between sex, gender and desire, anthropology has tried to dislodge deeply embedded assumptions about what can and cannot be the case by describing radically different ways of cutting up the world both in terms of process and friction. Addressing topics as diverse as homophobia and homohysteria, queer performance and queer takes on affect and the body, queerness is understood as a zone of possibilities not just pertaining to sexualities, but also to ontologies and knowledge practices.

A 50 to 60 minute presentation will be followed by an open discussion.

Admission free. No booking required.  

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