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Department of Anthropology and Sociology

Social Anthropology Seminar Series

‘Exploring the nature of justice’

Seminar convenor: Marloes Janson (mj19@soas.ac.uk)

This seminar series seeks to explore competing conceptions of justice at play in key areas of legal, political, social and cultural life. Conflicting notions of justice come into play in a variety of social domains including, but not limited to: (a) the law: how is justice seen and experienced in different legal jurisdictions, and by judges and those being judged; (b) in court: does court architecture constrain due process; (b) in international development: how are the rights of local people affected by extractive industry; (c) in politics: are politicians accountable to the electorate; and (d) in everyday life: how do the rights of women stack up against the power of men. At a time when access to justice and recognition of a person’s entitlements depend increasingly on the possession of wealth, the contributors explore competing conceptions of, and experience of seeking, ‘justice’ in the contemporary world.

A 45-50 minute presentation will be followed by an open discussion.

Admission free. No booking required.

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