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Department of Anthropology and Sociology

PhD Students

More information on the Department’s PhD program can be found here.

Recently Awarded PhDs

  • Sunari Senaratne Surviving the Wave: Reconstruction After the Tsunami on the South-Western Coast of Sri Lanka (Prof D Mosse)
  • Kathrine Cagat Beyond the fields: Ethnographic explorations on notions and practices of sustainability in Ifugao, Philippines (Dr Fabio Gygi
  • Miranda Irving Seeking Mobility and Stability: The Everyday Lives and Labours of Minangkabau Migrant Women in New Order Indonesia (Dr K Retsikas)
  • Gabriel Klaeger 'Speed Matters: An Ethnography of a Ghanaian Highway, its Perils and Potentialities' (Prof Richard Fardon)
  • Seamus Murphy Contested Meanings through Social Change; An Ethnography of Institutions, Organisations, Ideologies and Power in the Market Development of the Lake Chilwa Commons (Prof Johan Pottier)
  • Carl Rommel Revolution, play and feeling: Assembling emotionality, national subjectivity and football in Cairo, 1990-2013 (Dr S Hughes)
  • Shirley Sackey Ghanaian Organizations in New York and London: Transnational Concepts of Home and Belonging (Dr P Raman)
  • Sahil Warsi Being and Belonging in Delhi: Afghan Individuals and Communities in a Global City (Dr C Osella)
  • Azza Ahmed Abdel Aziz Yacoub Confronting Marginality and Otherness - Knowledge Production and the Recasting of Identity through Therapeutic and Embodied Encounters among Internally Displaced People from Southern Sudan (Dr C Davis
  • Suzuka Sato Contesting and Negotiating with the State: Local Responses to Land and Forest Policies Under Doi Moi in a Village in a Protected Forest Area in the Northern Uplands of Vietnam (Dr J Campbell
  • Shilpa Tiwari Social Representation and Rural Development: Transformation in governance, institutions, and livelihoods in response to emerging global markets for medicinal plants in the Indian Himalayas (Prof D Mosse)
  • Diana Ibanez Tirado Temporality and Subjectivity in Kulob, Southern Tajikistan: An ethnography of ordinary people and their everyday lives.
  • Sohini Sengupta ‘Being Hungry, Becoming Free: Marginality, Identity and Livelihoods in Rural Western Orissa’ (Prof D Mosse)
  • Andre Chappatte Walking an earthly path; everyday Islam in Bougouni, a town of southwest Mali. (Prof R Fardon)
  • Philomena Benedicta Camelia Keet Mimicking in a Material World: Negotiating stylish selves and networks in a Tokyo youth fashion scene.
  • Paul Rollier “We’re not genuine Muslims”: spoken Islam, Shi‘i mourning and morality in urban Pakistan ( Dr M Marsden)
  • Brendan Michael Donegan ‘An anthropological study of health activism in western India’ (Prof D Mosse)
  • Debojyoti Das Contested Development: Problems and Dilemmas in Sustainable Jhum Redevelopment in Nagaland (Prof D Mosse)
  • Shireen Mirza Embodying Pasts: Ritual and memory of Shi’a practices in India’s Deccan (Dr S Hughes)
  • Alice Tilche Broken Frames: tribal museums, representation and marginality in contemporary India (Prof D Mosse)
  • Pei-Chien Challenging the Ethnic Paradigm: Religious Conversion and Identity Construction amongst Chinese Muslims in Penang, Malaysia. 
  • Ashraf Hoque Generation Terror: Muslim Youth, Being British, And Not So British (Dr P Raman)
  • James Edward Russell Cultural Property and Heritage in Japan
  • Reza Gholami 'Who Needs Islam?': 'Non-Islamiosity' and the Production of Diaspora among Iranian Shi`a in London (Dr P Raman)
  • Roberta Zavoretti An ethnographic inquiry into the limits of China's 'rural to urban migrant' paradigm. (Dr C Osella)
  • Giulia Battaglia Documentary Film Practices in India: History of the Present.
  • Luigi Achilli Does the political bore? The denial and camouflage of the "political" in a Palestinian refugee camp.
  • Priya Das ‘Politics of  Participatory Conservation:  the Case of  Kailadevi Wildlife Sanctuary, Rajasthan, India’ (Prof D Mosse)
  • Annekarijn De Jong The Silent Voice: Palestinian And Israeli Nonviolent Activism And Resistance (Dr G Vom Bruck)
  • Ole Martin Gaasholt Associating with an Overstretched State: Politics in Tuareg-Dominated Malian Gourma. (Prof R Fardon)
  • Miki Kawabata (Re)locating identities in the Ancestral Homeland: The Complexities of Belonging among the Migrants from Peru in Okinawa. (Dr D Martinez)
  • Mahnaz Marashi Devout Intellects: Knowledge and Scholarly Practice in an Islamic Academy in Malaysia (Prof J.D.Y. Peel)
  • Monica Mottin Rehearsing For Life: Theatre For Social Change In Kathmandu, Nepal (Prof D Mosse)
  • Debbie Whelan Trading Lives: the commercial, social and political communities of the Zululand trading store. (Prof T Marchand)
  • Joel Bernardo Contested 'right to remain' and 'option to return': Making sense of migrant 'ineligibility' among Filipinos in a London suburb.
  • Nattaka Chaisinthop The Power of Good: Volunteering and Giving in Thailand.
  • Madalina Florescu Ethnographic Contexts: Encountering a First Post-Independence Cohort of Padres Nativos in Luanda, 2006-2007.
  • Paul Simon Hansen Hokkaido Dairy Farm: Change, Otherness, And The Search For Security. (Dr D Martinez)
  • Julie Soleil Archambault Cruising Through Uncertainty: Mobile Phone Practices, Occulted Economies And The Politics Of Respect In Southern Mozambique. (Prof H West)
  • Eduardo Zachary Albrecht Rising South: Music, Body, And Politics In A Naples Nightclub (Prof J Pottier)
  • Emma Elizabeth Cook Failing Freeters: Young Men, Masculinity And Adulthood In Japan (Dr D Martinez)
  • Dorota Szawarska Kinship- An Ambivalent Relation: The Case Of Sakhalin Korean Repatriates. (Dr C Osella)
  • Jill Singer The Eve Complex: A Feminist Approach To Psycho-Sexual And Social Development (Dr D Martinez)
  • Mira Juhi Mohsini Becoming An "Asli Karigar": The Production Of Authenticity Among Old Delhi'S Muslim Artisans. (Dr C Osella)
  • Wing-Fai Leung Image, Performance And Identity: An Exploration Of The Cultural And Social Meanings Of Multi-Media Stardom In Hong Kong 1980-2005 (Dr K Latham)
  • Mari Hirano The Aids Epidemic Among Haemophiliacs In Japan: The Mother's Experience (Dr D Martinez)
  • Jane Alaszewska The Music Of Shamans, Weavers And Exiles: An Ethnomusicological Study Of The Performing Arts Of The Southern Izu Islands (Dr S Hughes)
  • Nuno Miguel Rodrigues Domingos Football In Colonial Lourenco Marques: Bodily Practices And Social Rituals (Prof H West)
  • Yuen Fun So The Making Of Inabilities: Governance And The Strategies Of Social Actors In A Development Project In An Ethical Minority Community In Southwest China (Dr J Klein)
  • Luke Alexander Hallett Robinson Xianchang: On Location With China's New Documentary Film Movement (Dr K Latham)
  • Ritu Verma Inside The Development Machine: Culture, Science And Discontent In The Central Highlands Of Madagascar (Prof J Pottier)
  • Patrik Meier People Of The Suq: Identity, Practice, And Place-Making In Aleppo's Old City Market. (Prof T Marchand)
  • Silke Niehusmann Manga - Lost In Translation? (Dr D Martinez)
  • Nacim Pak Shiism And Film: Religion And Spirituality In Iranian Cinema (Dr G Vom Bruck)
  • Herbert Samuel Gayle Urban Poverty And Violence: A Study Of Selected Inner City Communities In Jamaica And Britain (Dr J Campbell)
  • George Joseph Kunnath From The Mud Houses Of Magadh: Dalits, Naxalites And The Making Of A Revolution In Bihar, India (Prof D Mosse)
  • Katia Fabbri Family Medicine From Counter-Culture To Role-Model: An Anthropological Look Into The Teaching And Practice Of Family Medicine In The United States (Dr C Davis)
  • Sandra Fahy Tales From The Bottom Of The Well: Famine Survivor Testimonies From North Korea (Prof J Pottier)
  • Anne Mette Fisker-Nielsen Young Soka Gakkai Members' Support For Kompito: The Interpellation Of Religious Idealism And Political Reality In Contemporary Japan (Dr D Martinez)
  • Alex Cockain An Anthropological Study Of Youth In New Millenium China. (Dr K Latham)
  • Lindi Renier Todd What's In A Name? The Politics Of The Past Within Afrikaner Identifications In Post-Apartheid South Africa (Dr C Davis)
  • Nicholas Ivo Walton Gray No Tree Is Untouched By The Wind: Aspects Of Composition And Improvisation In Balinese Gender Wayang (Dr S Hughes)
  • Panagiotis Geros When Christianity Matters: The Production And Manipulation Of Communalism In Damascus, Syria (Dr D Martinez)
  • Kwok-Shing Chan In Search Of Welfare And Security In Contemporary Hong Kong: An Ethnographic Perspective From A Chinese Lineage Village (Mr S Thompson)
  • Virginia Noel Whiles Manoeuvering Miniatures: Tradition And Subversion In Pakistani Contemporary Art (Dr P Raman)
  • Ilana Van Wyk Profit Prophets And God's Money: The Making And Unmaking Of Riches In The Universal Church Of The Kingdom Of God In Durban, South Africa (Prof H West)
  • Meera Venkatachalam Slavery In Memory: A Study Of The Religious Practices Of The Anglo-Ewe (Prof J Peel)
  • Anna Odland Portisch Kazakh Syrmaq-Production In Western Mongolia: Learning And Skill In A Domestic Craft Tradition (Prof T Marchand)
  • David Kurt Herold Education And Progress: The Decisions Of A Chinese Minority (Mr S Thompson)
  • Ingeborg Hovland Distance Destroys And Kills: An Anthropological Inquiry Into The Nature Of Faith In A Lutheran Norwegian Missionary Society (Prof J Peel)
  • Makiko Taniguchi Jackie Chan Fights Lei Feng? An Anthropological Consideration Of The Televisual Representation Of Heroes In Contemporary Urban China (Mr S Thompson)
  • Eleni Sideri The Greeks Of The Former Soviet Republic Of Georgia.  Memories And Practices Of Diaspora. (Dr P Raman)
  • Daisuke Murakami National Imaginings, Ethnic Tourism And Contested Tibetan Identities In Contemporary Lhasa, Tibet (Prc) (Dr D Martinez)
  • Satoshi Ota The Ambiguous Lightness Of Being: Taiwanese Youth, Identity, And The Consumption Of Japanese Youth Culture (Dr D Martinez)
  • Sheila Anne Fish Children, Media And Class In Post-Suharto Indonesia (Prof M Hobart)
  • Wing Chung Ho Managing Changes In A Socialist "Model Community": The Reminiscences Of The "Revolutionary Vanguards" In Urban Shanghai In The Late 1990s (Dr K Latham)
  • Kristopher Paul Chapman Inside The Dojo: Participation And Performance In The Japanese Martial Arts (Dr D Martinez)
  • Yu Cheng Xian Old Music In New China: "Living Fossil" Or "Flowing River"? (Dr S Hughes)
  • Rebecca Marsland Ethnographic Malaria: The Uses Of Medical Knowledge In Tanzania (Dr C Davis)
  • Matthew Alexander Gillan Multiple Identities  In Yaeyaman Folk Music (Dr S Hughes)
  • Jakob Akiba Klein Reinventing The Traditional Guangzhou Teahouse: Caterers, Customers And Cooks In Post-Socialist Urban South China (Dr K Latham)
  • Bina Desai Local Brokers: Knowledge, Trust And Organisation In The Practice Of Agricultural Extension For Small And Marginal Farmers In Rajasthan, India (Prof D Mosse)
  • Khek Gee Francis Lim Imagining The Good Life In The Himalaya (Prof J Peel)
Marta Agosti Pinilla
Marta Agosti

Narratives of Contestation, Politics of Gender: Young Women’s Agency in Revolutionary Egypt.

Karin Ahlberg
Karin Ahlberg

"They are destroying the image of Egypt": Tourism, Egyptian nationhood and infrastructures of image making.

Alina Apostu
Alina Apostu

A sounded ethnography of an Anglican church in London

Carrie Benjamin
Carrie Benjamin

'There goes the neighbourhood': Urban renewal, belonging, and working-class Paris (provisional)

Zofia Boni
Zofia Boni

Children and Food in Warsaw: Negotiating Feeding and Eating (working title).

Anna Cohen
Staff Silhouette

Ridley Road and Broadway Market: Food markets, gentrification, and the construction of community in Hackney’s ‘Urban Village’ (working title).

Ze Chen
Ze Chen

Marrying the other: Marrying the other: Local ethnic boundaries and the politics of inter-ethnic marriage on Hainan Island

Jessica M Chu
Jessica Chu

The cultural economy of 'land grabs' in Zambia (working title).

Niamh Jane Clifford Collard
Niamh Jane Clifford Collard

Crafting Knowledge Through Textiles in Ewe-speaking Ghana

Mukta Das
Mukta Das

Social Delicacies: Indian Restaurants in Guangzhou.

Mary-Anne Decatur
Mary-Anne Decatur

Medicalization and Meaning: Male Circumcision, Female Genital Cutting and HIV in Northern Tanzania (working title)

Jamila Dorner
Jamila Dorner

Learning Bharatanatyam: Bodily, Sensory and Social Enskilment in South Indian Dance.

Špela Drnovšek Zorko
Spela Drnovsek Zorko

Elsewhere as elsewhen: Intergenerational diasporic narratives after Yugoslavia (provisional)

Sarah Elsing
Sarah Elsing

The Thai-Lao border as a contested space – An ethnography of small-scale cross-border trade (working title)

Franziska Fay
Franziska Fay

Contesting the Ordinary: Children's Perspectives on 'Child Protection' in Educational Settings in Zanzibar, Tanzania.

Zoë Goodman
Staff Silhouette

'Asian' spaces in an 'African' city: an ethnography of postcolonial Mombasa

Katharina Graf
Katharina Graf

Domestic Cooking in Morocco: Skill, Knowledge Transmission and Social Change (working title)

Gunvor Jónsson
Gunvor Jonsson

At the End of the Railway Line. Malian Female Traders in the Senegalese Capital.

Jas Kaur
Staff Silhouette

Towards an Anthropology of Coups in Fiji.

Nadeem Karkabi
Nadeem Karkabi

Neither Victims nor Heroes: Politics of Pleasure, Ethics of Resistance and Defiant Subjectivities at the Palestinian Alternative Music Scene in Israel and the West Bank.

Taha Kazi
Taha Kazi

Pious Entertainment - Changing Forms and Notions of Piety in Pakistan (Provisional).

Mustafa Khan
Staff Silhouette

Development and Nation-Building in the Sindh Borderlands of Pakistan [working title]

Tung-Yi Kho
Tung-Yi Kho

In Search of the “Good Life” in Contemporary China: Stories from Shenzhen.

Amit Kisku
Amit Kumar Kisku

Santals, Forest, and State Relationships: Interplay of Ethnic Identity and Environmentality in Jungle Mahals, India (Working Title).

Yun Miao
Staff Silhouette

Being Tibetan in Shangri-La: Tibetans' interactions with development projects in Southwest China

Lennon Chido Mhishi
Lennon Chido Mhishi

Songs of Migration: Experiences of Music, Place Making and Identity Negotiation amongst Zimbabwean Migrants in London

Leo Pang
Leo Pang

An Ethnographic Study of Ecological Food Entrepreneurs in China (Working Title).

Nafsika Papacharalampous
Nafsika Papacharalampous

The Metamorphosis of the Greek Cuisine: National identity, tradition, heritage and memory as narratives of change from the Athens Market (working title).

Celia Plender
Staff Silhouette

‘Self-help by the people!’: Politics, morality and change in British food co-ops (working title)

Maureen Pritchard
Maureen Pritchard

The Dialogic Imagination: Art, Ethnicity and Social Suffering in Contemporary Kyrgyzstan

Hannah Roberson
Staff Silhouette

Food movements in the ‘Big Society’

Caitlin Robinson
Caitlin Robinson

Becoming Beautiful: Narratives of Cosmetic Surgery and Temporality in Beirut.

Anne-Line Rodriguez
Staff Silhouette

The closure of European borders and mobility in Senegal

Michele Serafini
Michele Serafini

Playing at Football: Time, Pleasure and Identity Politics in Transnational Nepal.

Robert Simpkins
Robert J Simpkins

Playing in Kōenji: making street music in a Tokyo neighbourhood (working title).

Sylvia Simpson
Staff Silhouette

Japanese Women in the UK and their Media (working title)

Emily Rose Stevenson
Staff Silhouette

The Postcolonial Consumption of Colonial Legacies: The Contemporary Social Life of Postcards from British India.

Cristiana Strava
Cristiana Strava

At Home with Modernity: Exploring Place-making on the Margins of Casablanca.

Ayako Suzuki
Staff Silhouette

The dynamics of Japanese identity amongst Japanese young migrants in Dublin

Mikal Woldu
Mikal Woldu

Transnational ties and identity construction among Eritrean youth living in the diaspora.

Giulia Zoccatelli
Giulia Zoccatelli

Globalizing Empowerment: an ethnography of heroin, AIDS and civil society in post-socialist China (working title)

Thomas van der Molen
Thomas van der Molen

Affecting the Wheel of Time: Ethnographic Encounters with Tibetan Migrant Affective Critiques of Documentary Temporality