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Centres and Institutes

Asia-Pacific Centre for Social Science

Compared with existing SOAS regional/country centres, the APCSS is distinctive in terms of its broad regional expertise and thematic social science concentration. As such, it is designed to be broad in terms of empirical coverage but firmly focused on advancing theoretical (both mainstream and critical) debates in the social sciences.

The principal purposes of the APCSS are:
  1. to provide a forum for inter-disciplinary, comparative social scientific research relating to the Asia-Pacific region (comprising Northeast/Southeast Asia, Australasia and the Pacific coast of the Americas);
  2. to facilitate social science research that reflects SOAS’ traditional commitment to substantive country knowledge together with representation of both mainstream and critical viewpoints;
  3. to promote discussion, research and scholarship related to the following themes in particular: i) varieties of social systems; ii) systemic transitions; iii) regional economic integration; iv) regimes types; v) security issues broadly defined;;
  4. to host regular seminar series, workshops, conferences featuring scholars from UK and overseas in relation to the core themes specified in c;
  5. to develop externally-funded, inter-disciplinary collaborative projects within SOAS and with institutions overseas;
  6. to host suitably qualified visiting scholars and practitioners with cognate interests.