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Online Practice Aptitude Tests

This is a new way for you to try out verbal and numerical aptitude tests, as used by graduate employers.

It couldn't be easier to request a practice test - just send us an email at careers@soas.ac.uk with your full name and your SOAS email address.

We will send you a unique link giving you access to your own test account, which you can use whenever and wherever you like! When you complete the tests, you are immediately sent constructive feedback on your performance and how you would compare in a real test.


Q: Can I still discuss my results with an adviser?
A: Yes - print out your test results and bring them along to a quick query session. Please note, not all our careers advisers are certified to give aptitude testing feedback therefore appointments are now only available on Thursday mornings. Please call 020 7898 4115 to make an appointment.

Q: Why do I have to use my university email address?
A: Tests can only be sent to university email addresses, as we have to ensure they only go to current students.

Q: What if I'm a GradClub member, can I still get a practice test?
A: Yes you can. Send us your full name and a contact email address, it doesn't have to be a college email, but do include your GradClub membership number.

Q: What if I'm a staff member, can I still get a practice test?
A: Absolutely. Simply send us your staff email address and we'll send you the tests.

If you have any more questions, please do get in touch at careers@soas.ac.uk.