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Careers Service


Workshops on topics related to career planning, key skills and job applications run on Thursdays throughout the year. These workshops provide the opportunity for learning in a group environment and cover issues around planning careers both in an academic environment and beyond, making connections and applying successfully for jobs. 

Spring Programme

Thurs 15 Jan  1-3pm 
Presentation skills I (Theory) - with ADD
In most careers you will be required at some time to present your work or your ideas, your product or your organisation to others. This workshop aims to improve awareness of the different aspects of presenting. The presentation skills workshop is run in two separate sessions. The first part (this workshop) covers a theoretical ground and will provide you with a number of useful tips about putting presentations together and about delivery. In the second part you will be putting the theoretical knowledge into practice.

Thurs 22 Jan  1-3pm 
Presentation skills II (Practice) - with ADD
The second part of the presentation skills workshop provides you with an opportunity to put the theoretical knowledge about presentation skills into practice in a safe environment. You will be required to give a short (5 min) PowerPoint presentation about your PhD research. You will be given feedback on your performance by your peers and the workshop leaders. Only students who attended the first part of the workshop will be able to attend this second part.

Thurs 29 Jan  1-3pm 
Career planning beyond academia
Your PhD provides you with in-depth knowledge of your field, but also with a wide range of research skills, but also transferrable skills. All of these may be very useful if you decide to pursue a non-academic career. In this workshop we will explore various tools for making career decisions, discuss how your current skills can be useful in non-academic careers, how PhD graduates are viewed by non-academic employers and where to look for opportunities.

Thur 12 Feb  10.30-4.30pm 
Academic careers day
What is required for a successful academic career?  The most obvious factors are the ability to carry out good research and to teach, but there are many others that are less obvious.  These can often only be discovered by hearing from people who are engaged with the profession. This event will include talks by senior academics from SOAS but also by people who went on to have a research career outside Higher Education.  A programme for the day will be issued closer to the event.

Thurs 26 Feb 1-3pm 
Networking skills
Registration open on Weds 11 Feb
Networking is a crucial skill, both in career progression and in building an understanding of how the field and those who work within it operate.  For some, it is a simple, straightforward and enjoyable activity.  For others it has very negative connotations.  However, to be successful, all of us need to engage in this activity at least some of the time.  This workshop examines approaches to view networking as a positive activity and looks at how to do it more effectively, naturally and confidently.

Thurs 5 March  1-3pm 
Effective non-academic applications and CVs
Registration open on Thurs 19 Feb
This workshop will examine how to determine what a recruiter looks for in a CV/application form and how to target your own skills and experience to that role. It will also look at different styles of CV and how CVs differ between academia and jobs outside academia. N.B. the focus will be on CVs outside of academia. Academic CVs are covered in another ECR workshop.

Thurs 12 March  1-3pm 
Interview skills – academic and non-academic jobs
Registration open on Weds 25 Feb
Recruitment processes can take a variety of different forms and include multiple tasks such as in-tray exercises, aptitude tests and group exercises alongside the traditional question and answer interview.  This workshop aims to help you demystify (academic and non-academic) interviews and appreciate the different ways in which you can make a positive impression on a recruiter.

How to book your place
To register for any of the above workshops, you will need to complete an online registration form. The registration for each workshop will open about 2-3 weeks before the date and you will be notified by email. The location of each workshop will be sent to you on registration.

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