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Centre of African Studies


The Centre's activities are diverse and many. The majority of its members are lecturers of the University of London, contributing to the teaching of undergraduate and Masters degrees and the supervision of Doctoral research within the humanities, social sciences and sciences. One of the most important functions of the Centre is to act as a forum for regional and interdisciplinary co-operation within the University of London which is predominantly organised through membership of disciplinary departments. Other activities of the Centre include representation on international and national committees for African scholarship, research and understanding; establishing and supporting funded schemes for Visiting Scholars from Africa; linking academe, government, and business through meetings, workshops and conferences promoting Africanist research and understanding, and through meetings of the Africa Business Group; raising the profile of its members for interdisciplinary research and consultancy, and much more.

In pursuit of its aims, the Centre maintains a broad range of institutional liaisons with other Africanist centres in Africa, the United Kingdom, Europe, the Commonwealth and the United States. It publishes its own briefing newsletter, African News, with a distribution of over 800 copies, three times a year. The Centre also keeps members informed of news, events and meetings on Africa throughout the year through the e-mail group mailing system run from the Centre office.

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  • The Humor Principle in Modern African Literature and Cinema
  • Maik Nwosu (University of Denver)
  • An examination of how the African comic imagination, which traces a path back to African folklore,  has variously manifested in modern African literature and the direct-to-video Nigerian film industry  known as Nollywood.

  • Heaven and Earth screening
  • Mackonen Michael
  • ‘Heaven & Earth’ Church Education and Monastic Culture in Ethiopia. A documentary film that tells the story of an ancient civilization, covering a millennium of Ethiopia monastic culture and ecclesiastical education.