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Postgraduate Student Work in Progress

Samer Abdelnour, LSE
Postwar peace-building, development, and humanitarian interventions through the lenses of institutional theory and social enterprise
Supervisors: Harry Barkema (LSE) and Jannis Kallinikos (LSE)

Ayanleh Aden, KCL
The making of a hazard: a social-environmental explanation of vulnerability to drought in Djibouti
Supervisor: Dr Deborah Potts (KCL)

Michelle Afrifah, KCL
Diaspora tourism and homeland development: exploring the impacts of African American tourists on the livelihoods of local traders in southern Ghana
Supervisor: Dr Deborah Potts (KCL)

Karin Ahlberg, SOAS
Mediating the nation, making markets: productions and circulations of Egypt in international networks
Supervisor: Prof. Trevor Marchand

Nimo–Ilhan Ali, SOAS
Political Economy of Higher Education and Graduate Employment in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Case of Higher Education Expansion in Somaliland (2000-2010)
Supervisor: Laura Hammond (SOAS)

Jamal Abiola Akinade, DPU, UCL
An 'Islamic developmental state’ in Northern Nigeria as a vehicle for governance of development?
Supervisor: Dr Michael Walls (UCL)

Alicia Altorfer-Ong, LSE
Independence, Dependence and Third World Solidarity: Sino-Tanzanian Relations from 1964-1975
Supervisor: Joanna Lewis (LSE), Antony Best (LSE)

Clementina Amankwaah, UCL
Continuity and Change in the making of Elites: University Students in Post War Sierra Leone
Supervisor: Barrie Sharpe (UCL)

Alexandra Antohin, UCL
An Ethnography of Orthodox Christianity and Religious Pluralism in Wollo, Ethiopia
Supervisor: Charles Stewart (UCL)

Ruben Andersson, LSE
On the road – the making of migrants in Europe’s African borderlands (ESRC funded)
Supervisor: Deborah James (LSE)

Maryam Awal, DPU, UCL
The Impact of Mobile Money for the Unbanked on Rural Livelihoods- A Case of Northern Nigeria
Supervisor: Dr Michael Walls (UCL)

Abiola Atinuke Akiyode-Afolabi, SOAS
Gender and Armed Conflict in Africa: Sierra Leone and Liberia
Supervisors: Fareda Banda (SOAS), Mashood Baderin (SOAS), Peter Muchlinski (SOAS)

Dominik Balthasar (Helling), LSE
War, Nationalism and State Trajectories in Somalia and Somaliland – Understanding  State-(Un)Making as Processes of Institutional and Socio-Cognitive (De)Standardization
Supervisor: James Putzel (LSE) and Tobias Bebiel (University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany)

Jonathan Bashi R., SOAS
OHADA, a regional legal system to support the creation of an internal market in Africa (working title)
Supervisor: Prof. Diamond Ashiagbor (SOAS)

Neha Batura, SOAS
Long-Term Impact of Child Malnutrition on Adulthood: Evidence from Rural Tanzania
Supervisor: Deborah Johnston (SOAS)

Claire Bedelian, UCL
Community conservation in the Maasai Mara in Kenya
Supervisor: Katherine Homewood (UCL)

Ezi Beedie, Birkbeck
Women and Pension Systems Benefit Income Adequacy in Nigeria: the case of civil servants (working tittle)
Supervisors: Dr. Penny Vera –Sanso (Birkbeck) and  Dr. Jasmine Gideon (Birkbeck).

Goetz Bechtolsheimer, LSE
The United States' Intervention in the Congo and the Rise of Mobutu from 1964 to 1967
Supervisor: Odd Arne Westad (LSE)

Pritish Behuria, SOAS
Becoming A Strong State: Kagame’s Rwanda Develops After 1994
Supervisor: Prof. Christopher Cramer (SOAS)

Stefano Biagetti, UCL
Ethnoarchaeology of Pastoralism in the Acacus Mts (south-western Fezzan, Libya): A Case Study of Kel Tadrart Lineage
Supervisor: Kevin MacDonald (UCL)

Gary Blank, LSE
British Foreign Policy and the Nigerian Civil War (1967-1970)
Supervisor: Joanna Lewis (LSE)

Mike Brass, UCL
The archaeology of social organisation at Jebel Moya: 5th to 1st millennium BC
Supervisor: Kevin MacDonald (UCL)

Peter Brett, SOAS
The Judicialisation of Politics: some African examples
Supervisor: Tom Young (SOAS)

Brandon Broll, Birkbeck College
History of the Civil Rights League in South Africa (1948-1994)
Supervisor: Hilary Sapire (Birkbeck College)

Andrew Brooks, Royal Holloway
Riches from Rags or Persistent Poverty? The Transnational Used Clothing Trade in Mozambique (ESRC 1+3; Submission due Sept 2011)
Supervisor: David Simon (Royal Holloway)

Paula Callus, SOAS
Sub-Saharan African animation
Supervisor: Dr Charles Gore (SOAS)

Marisa Candotti, SOAS
Cotton Growing and Textile Production in Northern Nigeria: from Caliphate to Protectorate c. 1804-1914
Supervisor: John Parker (SOAS)

Christine Carter, UCL
Conservation and development; the search for synergies around an MPA on the coast of Kenya
Supervisor: Katherine Homewood (UCL)

Niamh Clifford-Collard, SOAS
Agotime Weavers in Ghana
Supervisor: Prof. Trevor Marchand

Mhishi Lennon Chido, SOAS
Songs of Migration: Experiences of Music, Place Making and Identity Negotiation amongst Zimbabwean Migrants in London
Supervisor: Parvathi Raman (SOAS)

Niamh Collard
Crafting Knowledge Through Textiles in Ewe-speaking Ghana
Supervisor: Trevor Marchand

Felix M. Conteh, SOAS
Governance Reforms in Sierra Leone: An Analysis of the Conception, Design and implementation of the Decentralization programme and the Impacts - A Political Economy Approach 
Supervisor: Tom Young (SOAS)

Lucy Corkin, SOAS
Uncovering Agency: China’s Role as a Financier in Angola’s Reconstruction Programme
Supervisor: Dr Julia C Strauss (SOAS)

Julie Crooks, SOAS
Lisk-Carew and photography in Sierra Leone: Black Modernities
Supervisor: Dr Charles Gore (SOAS)

Gregory Deacon, SOAS
The socio-economic role of Pentecostal Churches in Kibera, Nairobi
Supervisor: Paul Gifford (SOAS)

Margarita Dimova, SOAS
Dealing with the State: The Heroin Trade in Kenya 
Supervisors: Phil Clark (SOAS), Laleh Khalili (SOAS)

David Dobrovoda, SOAS
Czechoslovak-African Political Relations in the 20th Century
Supervisor: Alena Rettová, SOAS

Sirio Canos Donnay, UCL
Imperial Landscapes of Ancient Mali: Settlement patterns and social organisation
Supervisor: Kevin MacDonald (UCL)

Sarah Duff, Birkbeck College
Ways in which ideas about childhood changed as a result of the Dutch Reformed Church's evangelical movement in the Cape Colony between 1860 and 1902
Supervisor: Hilary Sapire (Birkbeck College)

Dariusz Dziewanski, SOAS
Institutionalized violence? Examining the role of informal institutions in armed violence in South Africa
Supervisor: Dr Zoe Marriage (SOAS), Prof. Christopher Cramer (SOAS), Prof. Jonathan Goodhand (SOAS) 

Carole Enahoro, UCL
Land access, satire and cultural resistance in Nigeria.
Supervisor: Prof Jennifer Robinson

Edith Eyo, SOAS
Contemporary Nigerian artists in London
Supervisor: Charles Gore, SOAS

Alice Evans, LSE
Exploring the factors that incentivise poor men and women in Zambia to challenge - or comply with - gender hierarchies
Supervisor: Diane Perrons (LSE)

Danielle Faye Tran, SOAS
Post-TRC Traumatic Narratives and South Africa's Literary Recovery
Supervisor: Dr Kai Easton (SOAS)

Giulia Ferrari, LSE
Mainstreaming HIV/AIDS and gender into microfinance-based poverty alleviation programmes - an economic evaluation

Erin Freas-Smith, SOAS
Domestic Work in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, A Focus on Durban and Ixopo From 1920-1960
Supervisor: Professor Shula Marks (SOAS), Dr Wayne Dooling (SOAS)

Alex Free, LSE
ICTs, the internet and Africa: Meeting social, political or economic needs?
Supervisor: Robin Mansell (LSE)

Emily Freeman, LSE
Older Adults' Experiences of Ageing and HIV Infection in Rural Malawi
Supervisor: Ernestina Coast (LSE), Rebecca Sear (LSE), Tiziana Leone (LSE)

Nikolas Gestrich, UCL
Tongo Maare Diabal: A Social Archaeology of Settlement in the Gourma Region of Mali, c.AD 800 – 1200
Supervisor: Kevin MacDonald (UCL)

Jonas Gjersø, LSE
Benevolent Imperialism? Abolition and Legitimate Trade as Principal Elements of British Policy in East Africa 1856-1902
Supervisor: Joanna Lewis (LSE)

Jacopo Gnisci, SOAS
The Passion of Christ in Ethiopian Iconography
Supervisor: Tania Tribe (SOAS)

Agnes Hann, LSE
An Ethnographic Study of Kinship, Livelihoods and Women's Everyday Lives in Dakar, Senegal
Supervisors: Matthew Engelke (LSE) and Rita Astuti (LSE)

Luke Harman, SOAS
Voucher subsidy programmes in low-income settings: learning lessons from agriculture and health in Malawi and Tanzania
Supervisor: Andrew Dorward

Charlotte Heales, KCL
Microfinance and governmentality in Malawi
Supervisors: Dr Deborah Potts (KCL) and Dr Kate Maclean (Birkbeck)

Gwendolyn Heaner, SOAS
Destroying the Destroyer of Your Destiny: Pentecostalism and Charismatic Christianity in Post-Conflict Liberia
Supervisor: Paul Gifford (SOAS)

Cynthia Howson, SOAS
Women Smuggling: An Examination of Cross-Border Traders in Senegal.
Supervisor: Carlos Oya (SOAS)

Catherine Huser, SOAS
The politics of protection at the micro level of armed conflict (working title).
Supervisors: Dr. Stephan Hopgood & Dr. Laura Hammond

Vicki Igglesden, Royal Holloway
The Response to Francophone African Immigration in Post-Apartheid South Africa
Supervisor: Professor David Simon (Royal Holloway)

Richard Itaman, SOAS
Interrogating the Finance and Development Nexus in Africa
Supervisor: Ben Fine (SOAS)

Rob James, SOAS
Wilfred Cantwell Smith's Theory of Scripture Related to the Use of the Bible in African Anglicanism
Supervisor: Professor Paul Gifford (SOAS)

Edwin Johnson, SOAS
Contemporary Art and Patronage in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church
Supervisor: Tania Tribe (SOAS)

Gunvor Jónsson, SOAS
At the End of the Railway Line: female Malian traders in the Senegalese capital
Supervisor: Prof. Trevor Marchand

Alinafe Kasiya, SOAS
Decentralization, Participation, Accountability and District Development Planning in Malawi
Supervisor: Michael Jennings (SOAS)

Laila Kassam, SOAS
Assessing the contribution of aquaculture to poverty reduction in Ghana. 
Supervisor: Andrew Dorward (SOAS)

Jessica Kendall, SOAS
'African Fever'; the politics of race in the international circus arena (working title)
Supervisor: Dr Lola Martinez (SOAS)

Vincent Kienzler, LSE
Performance Measurement and Social Accountability in Uganda : Lessons from the 'Community-Based Monitoring and Evaluation System' Initiative
Supervisors: Nilima Gulrajani (LSE) and David Lewis (LSE)

Gabriel Klaeger, SOAS
Speed Matters: An Ethnography of a Ghanaian Highway, its Perils and Potentialities
Supervisor: Richard Fardon (SOAS)

Christian Laheij, LSE
'Culture of Peace’ Revisited. Islam in Mozambique
Supervisor: Prof. Deborah James (LSE)

Sonia Languille, SOAS
Political economy of education reforms in sub-Saharan Africa: the case of secondary education expansion in Tanzania (2004-2011)
Supervisor: Prof. Christopher Cramer (SOAS)

Megan Laws, LSE
Sharing potency: contemporary Khosian, Christian churches and patronage in the Ghanzi district, Botswana
Supervisor: Prof. Deborah James (LSE)

Jonah Lipton, LSE
Navigating Youth: an ethnographic study of taxi drivers in Freetown, Sierra Leone
Supervisor: Prof. Deborah James (LSE)

Diana Magelhaes, KCL
Gender and Development Politics in Mozambique: The Dynamics of the Ministry of Women and Social Action in the Context of Maputo
Supervisors: Dr Deborah Potts (KCL) and Dr Kate Maclean (Birkbeck)

Nomalanga Leander Masina
Minimizing Friction: The role Private Media in the mediation of Zimbabwe’s election politics in 2013.

Hayley Leck, Royal Holloway
Urban global environmental change – Durban, South Africa’ (Submission due Oct/Nov 2011)
Supervisor: David Simon (Royal Holloway)

Joanne Lewis, SOAS
Women artists in Botswana in the late twentieth century
Supervisor: Tania Tribe (SOAS)

Bala Liman, SOAS
Identity Politics, Citizenship Rights and Conflict in Nigeria
Supervisor: Tom Young (SOAS)

Sarah Longair, Birkbeck College
The development of historical and cultural representation in museums in Zanzibar from the colonial to the contemporary.
Supervisor: Hilary Sapire (Birkbeck College)

Charles Majinge, LSE
The United Nations, the African Union and the Rule of Law in Southern Sudan
Supervisor: Chaloka Beyani (LSE), Christine Chinkin (LSE)

Sara Isabella Marzagora, SOAS
Theorizing an "acolonial modernity". The 1896 battle of Adwa and 1936-1941 Italian occupation in Ethiopian literature and political philosophy.
Supervisor: Dr Kai Easton

Cresencia A. Masawe, SOAS
Health Sector Reform and Women’s Reproductive Health Services in Rural Tanzania
Supervisor: Mike Jennings (SOAS)

Bakia Mbianyor, Royal Holloway
Geopolitics of Mining and Mineral Extraction and its implications for Sustainable Rural Livelihoods in Cameroon
Supervisors: David Simon (Royal Holloway), Klaus Dodds 

Joshua McNamara
Small scale audiovisual production and its relationship with the development and aid sector in Nairobi: an approach toward Kenya's media environment, from the perspective of practice-based research.
Supervisor: Dr Lindiwe Dovey

Yoseph Mengistu, SOAS
The Christological Implications of the Pneumatology of Cyril of Alexandria in Orthodox Ethiopia (1607-1878)

Nandera Mhando, Goldsmith College
Meaning, Gender and Kinship Making Aming the Kuria of Tanzania: Male and Female Agency

Janna Miletzki (LSE)
Burundian Refugees in Tanzania in a state of uncertainty: exploring citizenship and belonging.
Supervisor: Dr. Claire Mercer, LSE

Peter Kehinde Mogaji, SOAS
Optimum Currency Area feasibility Tests: Instrumental Variable Estimations of Inflation Dynamics and Exchange Rate Pass-Through in the West African Monetary Zone

Magali Moreau, UCL
Magali is studying land cover change and natural resource use in refugee hosting areas of Kasulu District, Western Tanzania.

Lucía Natalia Morera, SOAS
New to the Market: An ethnographical approach to the implantation of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God in Lagos.
Supervisor: Professor Paul Gifford (SOAS)

Caroline Mose, SOAS
Kenyan Hiphop: Interrogating Socio-Political Interventions of Popular Youth Culture in Nairobi
Supervisor: Dr Chege Githiora (SOAS)

Tom Muddimer, SOAS
Working for Smallholders and Landlords: Working Conditions and Labour Relations on Cocoa Farms in Southern Ghana.
Supervisor: Carlos Oya (SOAS)

Ronald Naluwairo, SOAS
Military Justice, Human Rights and the Law in Uganda
Supervisor: Mashood A. Baderin (SOAS) 

Darryl Nel, SOAS
The 'Tokoloshe' and cultural identity in South Africa
Supervisors: Akin Oyetade (SOAS), Graham Furniss (SOAS), Jeff Opland (SOAS)

Zahrah Nesbitt-Ahmed
"I no go gree": The Everyday Struggles of Paid Domestic Workers in Lagos, Nigeria
Supervisor: Sylvia Chant (LSE)

Peter Nichols, SOAS
A Morpho-semantic Analysis of the Persistive, Alterative and Inceptive Aspects in siSwati
Supervisor: Lutz Marten (SOAS)

Prince Ndudi Councillor Olokotor, SOAS
Recognition and Enforcement of Transnational Commercial Arbitral Award: A Comparative Study of the Legal Milieus of England and Wales and Nigeria.
Supervisor: Emilia Onyema (SOAS)

Naohiko Omata, SOAS
The Livelihood Strategies of the Liberian Refugee Population in Ghana
Supervisor: Dr Laura Hammond (SOAS), Dr Tania Kaiser (SOAS)

Sarah O’Neill, Goldsmiths College
Defying the law,negotiating change. The Futanke’s opposition to the national ban on FGM in Senegal
Supervisors: Nici Nelson (Goldsmith College) and Sophie Day (Goldsmith College)

Miriam Pahl, SOAS
Precarious Lives in the Postcolony - Contemporary African Literature and the Political Condition of Human Life
Supervisor: Alena Rettova (SOAS)

Robtel Neajai Pailey, SOAS
The Love of Liberty Divided Us Here? Implications of Dual Citizenship on Liberia's Post-Conflict Reconstruction and Development Process
Supervisor:  Laura Hammond (SOAS)

Ruth Payne, Royal Holloway
Child-Headed Housheolds in Zambia: Construction, Survival and Change
Supervisors: Professor David Simon and Dr Katie Willis (RHUL)

Helena Perez-Nino, SOAS
Land and law in war to peace transitions in Africa (LIDC studentship, co-supervised with Birkbeck)
Supervisor: Prof. Christopher Cramer (SOAS)

Eugénia Pires, SOAS
Political Economy of Migrants’ Remittances: Evidence from the Angolan Diaspora in Portugal (Working Title)
Supervisor: Costas Lapavitsas (SOAS)

Gabriel Pollen, SOAS
Zambia: From Total Factor Productivity to Structural Change?
Supervisor: Ben Fine (SOAS)

Anna Rader, SOAS
Civic Practice, Public Identity and Political Community in Somaliland
Supervisor: Prof Stephen Chan (SOAS)

Siham Rayale, SOAS
Women’s political participation and state-building in Somaliland
Supervisor: Laura Hammond, SOAS)

Rashi Rohatgi, SOAS
Abhimanyu Unnuth’s Hindi Poetry in Literary Mauritius and in the World
Supervisor: Kai Easton, SOAS

Cleo Rose-Innes, SOAS
Transport Infrastructure and Regional Integration in Southern Africa
Supervisor: Machiko Nissanke (SOAS)

Naomi Roux, Birkbeck College
Memory in the City: Museums, heritage, and contemporary African urban histories
Supervisor: Annie E. Coombes (Birkbeck)

Madeleine Rutherford Wright, LSE
Evidence-based development policy movement and the utilisation of research to inform reproductive health policy in Ghana
Supervisors: Ernestina Coast (LSE), Tiziana Leone (LSE)

Nicole Salisbury, UCL
International Public Policy - 'Structural Interventions and HIV Prevention Networks in South Africa
Supervisors: David Hudson (UCL) and Graham Hart (UCL) 

Anselmo Ricardo Augusto Samussone, SOAS
Corporate Governance and the Legal Protection of Employee-Shareholders in Mozambique
Supervisor: Peter Muchlinski (SOAS)

Aïsha Schmitt, SOAS
Beyond Praising the Prophet: Making New Meanings in Zanzibari Qasida
Supervisor: Prof Graham Furniss (SOAS)

Katrin Schulze, SOAS
The State and Development of Contemporary Art in Northern Nigeria
Supervisor: Charles Gore (SOAS)

Christine Singer
'Born Free'? Youth and screen media in post-apartheid South Africa (1994-2012)
Supervisor: Lindiwe Dovey

Lameen Souag, SOAS
Grammatical Contact in the Sahara: Arabic, Berber, and Songhay in Tabelbala and Siwa
Supervisor: Philip Jaggar (SOAS)

Robin Steedman, SOAS
Title: Gendering Production/Producing Gender: An Analysis of Contemporary Kenyan Female Filmmakers
Supervisor: Lindiwe Dovey (SOAS)

Sara Stevano, SOAS
Women's Work and Household Food Behaviour in Northern Mozambique
Supervisors: Deborah Johnston (SOAS), Harry West (SOAS)

John Paahoni Steven, SOAS
A survey of language diversity, use and attitude in Southern Sierra Leone
Supervisor: Peter Austin (SOAS)

Cristiana Strava, SOAS
At Home with Modernity: exploring place-making on the margins of Casablanca
Supervisor: Prof. Trevor Marchand

Hagar Taha, SOAS
The Local Element of Peace: Role of Indigenous Civil Societies in Intervention and Conflict Resolution - Cases of Darfur (Sudan) and Somaliland (Northern Somalia

Supervisor: Prof Stephen Chan (SOAS) 

Lotta Takala-Greenish, SOAS
The role of industrial policy in the decline of the South African textiles and clothing sector
Supervisor: Ben Fine (SOAS)

Sehin Teferra Ayele
Occupational Hazard or Patriarchal Entitlement: Feminist Analysis of the Dynamics of Violence in Ethiopian Sex Work 

Supervisors: Laura Hammond (SOAS), Prof. Nadje Al-Ali (SOAS), Dr Ruba Salih

Danielle Faye Tran, SOAS
Post-TRC South African Writing and the Trauma of Apartheid
Supervisor: Kai Easton (SOAS)

Daria Trentini, SOAS
Muslim healers and Arabian spirits in Nampula city, Mozambique (working title)
Supervisor: Professor Harry West (SOAS)

Michaela Unterbarnscheidt, SOAS
A comparative study of transition and social change in early Thai and Amharic novels
Supervisor: Martin Orwin (SOAS)

Hannah Vaughan-Lee, SOAS
The function of international humanitarian agencies in collapsed states: the case of Somalia
Supervisor: Laura Hammond (SOAS) 

Stella Wambugu
Agriculture and health in low income countries - investigating farm household and wider interactions in Malawi
Supervisor: Andrew Dorward

Eliud Wekesa, LSE
A new lease of life: sexual and reproductive behaviour among PLWHA in the ART era in Nairobi informal settlements
Supervisor: Ernestina Coast (LSE)

Emily Welty, SOAS
Faith-based NGOs, Peacebuilding and Development: the Mennonite Central Committee's work in East Africa
Supervisor: Paul Gifford (SOAS)

Laryssa Whittaker, Royal Holloway
Challenging Structural Violence Through Music: Theorising the Sustainability of Cultural Initiatives for Positive Social Change in South Africa
Supervisor: Tina Ramnarine (RHUL)

Micha Wiebusch, SOAS
The Indigenisation of the Rule of Law in Africa: The African Union and the Promotion of Constitutional Rule
Supervisor: Prof. Matthew Craven (SOAS)

Ursel Widemann, SOAS
Clothing and the Construction of Identity among the Tuareg
Supervisor: Tania Tribe (SOAS)

Johanna Zetterstrom-Sharp, UCL
Encounters of Culture, Heritage and Development in Sierra Leone
Supervisor: Paul Basu (UCL)