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Details of Seminar Series in the Centre for Cultural, Literary and Postcolonial Studies (CCLPS).

The CCLPS Seminar Series aims to fulfil one of the centre's primary objectives: namely, to pioneer disciplinary and interdisciplinary practices through regular seminars on Comparative Literary, Cultural and Postcolonial Studies in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, open to SOAS students and staff, to academics and students of other institutions and to the general public. These seminars are often linked to other activities, such as lectures, research workshops and conferences, and constitute one of the key intellectual endeavours of the centre.

Seminar Series 2013-14

Interregional Mediation: Networked Culture in the Indian Ocean and Persianate Worlds


This series of lectures and seminar focuses on cross-temporal and interregional cultural technologies shared by societies across two of the world’s oldest interregional arenas: the Indian Ocean and the continuum of the Iranian Plateau, Central Asia, and the Indian subcontinent. In focusing on mobile cultural forms, it seeks to interrogate questions of territorialization and avoidance, and explore cultural connections that help create underlying resonances—analytical  parallels and experiential familiarities—amid the diversity of these arenas.

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