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Centre for Development Policy and Research

CDPR Working Papers

[31] Examining the Link between Macroeconomic Policies and Productive Employment: Assessing Outcomes for 145 Developing Countries, by Terry McKinley and Ewa Karwowski, SOAS, University of London, July 2015, CDPR Working Paper 31/15.

Working Paper 31 (pdf; 1106kb)

[30] Garment Sweatshop Regimes: The Informalisation of Social Responsibility over Health and Safety Provisions, by Alessandra Mezzadri, 2015, CDPR Working Paper 30/15.

Working Paper 30 (pdf; 880kb)

[29] Women’s Economic Empowerment and Inclusive Growth: Labour Markets and Enterprise Development, by Naila Kabeer, 2012, CDPR Discussion Paper 29/12.

Discussion Paper 29 (pdf; 399kb)

[28] Productive safety nets for women in extreme poverty: Lessons from pilot projects in India and Pakistan, by Naila Kabeer, Karishma Huda, Sandeep Kaur and Nicolina Lamhauge, 2012, CDPR Discussion Paper 28/12.

Discussion Paper 28 (pdf; 546kb)  

[27] Is Stagnation of Domestic Revenue in Low-Income Countries Inevitable?, by Terry McKinley and Katerina Kyrili, 2009, CDPR Discussion Paper 27/09.

Discussion Paper 27 (pdf; 147kb)

[26] The Global Financial Crisis and Countercyclical Fiscal Policy, by John Weeks, 2009, CDPR Discussion Paper 26/09.

Discussion Paper 26 (pdf; 115kb)

[25] Revisiting the Dynamics of Growth, Inequality and Poverty Reduction, by Terry McKinley, 2009, CDPR Discussion Paper 25/09.

Discussion Paper 25 (pdf; 125kb)

[24] Pro-Poor Monetary and Anti-Inflation Policies:Developing Alternatives to the New Monetary Policy Consensus, by Alfredo Saad Filho, 2005, Department of Development Studies, CDPR Discussion Paper 2405. 

Discussion Paper 24 (pdf; 848kb)

[23] Unequal Prospects: Disparities in the Quantity and Quality of Labour Supply in Sub-Saharan Africa, by John Sender, Christopher Cramer and Carlos Oya, 2004, CDPR Discussion Paper 2304. Also published as Economics Department Working Paper WP145JS

Paper 23 (pdf; 404kb)

[22] Convergence and Consensus: The Political Economy of Stabilisation, Poverty and Growth, by Ben Fine and Degol Hailu, 2002, CDPR Discussion Paper 2202. Paper Presented at the VI International Conference in Economics, Economic Research Centre (ERC), Ankara, Turkey.

Paper 22 (pdf; 282kb)

[21] Case Study of Viet Nam: Seeking Equity within Growth, by John Weeks, Vu Quoc Huy, Rathin Roy, Rodney Schmidt and Nguyen Thang, 2002, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Regional Programme for Asia on the Macroeconomics of Poverty Reduction.

Paper 21 (pdf; 322kb)

[20] How Much Poverty Could HIPC Reduce? By Hulya Dagdeviren and John Weeks, 2001, Presented at WIDER Development Conference: Debt Relief.

Paper 20 (pdf; 82kb)

[19] Redistribution and Growth for Poverty Reduction, by Hulya Dagdeviren, Rolph van der Hoeven and John Weeks, 2001.

Paper 19 (pdf; 90kb)

[18] Growth Variability Among and Within African Countries: An Aspect of Unsustained Development, by John Weeks, 2001, The United Nation Committee for Development Policy, Expert Meeting on Will Africa Embark on a Sustained Growth Path during this Decade?

Paper 18 (pdf; 68kb)

[17] A Tale of Two Crises: Latin America in the 1980s and the 'HPAEs' in the 1990s, by John Weeks.

Paper 17 (pdf; 231kb)

[16] Amartya Sen: A Partial and Personal Appreciation, by Ben Fine, 2001, CDPR Discussion Paper 1601.

Paper 16 (pdf; 206kb)

[15] Economic Inequalities and Civil Conflict, by Christopher Cramer, 2001, CDPR Discussion Paper 1501.

Paper 15 (pdf; 278kb)

[14] Convergence and Consensus: The Political Economy of Adjustment and Growth, by Ben Fine and Degol Hailu, 2000, CDPR Discussion Paper 1400.

Paper 14 (pdf; 293kb)

[13] Stuck in Low GEAR? Macroeconomic Policy in South Africa, 1996-1998, by John Weeks, 2000, CDPR Discussion Paper 1000.

Paper 13 (pdf; 99kb)

[12] Poverty in Transition: An Ethnographic Critique of Household Surveys in Post-Soviet Central Asia, by Deniz Kandiyoti, 1999, CDPR Discussion Paper 1299.

Paper 12 (pdf; 110kb)

[11] Have Workers in Latin America Gained from Liberalization and Regional Integration? by John Weeks, 1999, CDPR Discussion Paper 1199.

Paper 11 (pdf; 255kb)

[10] The Economics and Political Economy of Conflict in Sub-Saharan Africa, By Chris Cramer, 1999, CDPR Discussion Paper 1399.

Paper 10 (pdf; 293kb)

[9] The Expansion of Capital and Uneven Development on a World Scale, by John Weeks, 1999, CDPR Discussion Paper 0999.

Paper 9 (pdf; 246kb)

[8] Economic Policy for Agriculture: A Guide for FAO Professionals, by John Weeks, 1999, CDPR Discussion Paper 0899.

Paper 8 (pdf; 270kb)

[7] Privatisation and the Post-Washington Consensus: Between The Lab And The Real World? by Chris Cramer, 1999, CDPR Discussion Paper 0799.

Paper 7 (pdf; 116kb)

[6] How to Get it Wrong in Rural Uzbekistan: An Ethnographic Critique of Household Survey Categories, by Deniz Kandiyoti, 1999, CDPR Discussion Paper 0699.

Paper 6 (pdf; 87kb)

[5] Trade Liberalisation, Market Deregulation and Agricultural Performance in Central America, by John Weeks, 1998, CDPR Discussion Paper 0598.

Paper 5 (pdf; 200kb)

[4] The Law of Value and the Analysis of Underdevelopment, by John Weeks, 1998, CDPR Discussion Paper 0498.

Paper 4 (pdf; 116kb)

[3] A Tale of Two Transitions: Cuba and Viet Nam after the Collapse of the Soviet Union, by John Weeks, 1998, CDPR Discussion Paper 0398.

Paper 3 (pdf; 131kb)

[2] Orthodox and Heterodox Policy for Growth for Africa South of the Sahara, by John Weeks, 1998, CDPR Discussion Paper 0299.

Paper 2 (pdf; 157kb)

[1] Analysis of the Demery and Squire "Adjustment and Poverty" Evidence, by John Weeks, 1997, CDPR Discussion Paper 0197.

Paper 1 (pdf; 87kb)