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Centre of East Asian Law

Centre of East Asian Law

The Centre of East Asian Law was established in 1988, with one of its principal functions being the promotion of the study of East Asian legal systems amongst scholars and practitioners. Based at the School of Law, the Centre brings together faculty and research students studying East Asian law.

For more than a decade CEAL was the academic home for a number of professional training programmes particularly the training of lawyers and judges. These programmes serve to provide opportunities for legal and professional exchange between the United Kingdom and East Asian jurisdictions, in particular the People's Republic of China.

In recent years CEAL has initiated and convened two important workshops; Law and Orientalism (February 2011) and Property Rights and Property Law in China (May 2012). Both these workshops brought scholars from far and wide for the dissemination of research findings and the development of ideas. Together with the contribution of visiting scholars to the Centre, these workshops and seminars provide a forum for the growth of interest in law in East Asia.

Faculty members of CEAL teach a variety of courses on East Asia including the following:
Modern Chinese Law and Human Rights
Foundations of Chinese Law
Commercial Chinese Law
Law and Institutions of Contemporary China
Migration, Gender and the Law in Southeast Asia and Beyond
Selected Aspects of Civil and Commercial Chinese Law
China and International Politics
International Politics of East Asia