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Centre for Development, Environment and Policy (CeDEP)

Enrolment 2015

Welcome to the 2015 Study Year

February 2015 Enrolment

Enrolment for February 2015, where the full range of modules will be offered, will begin in September.

Online Enrolment

For maximum convenience and speed, you can enrol study in 2014 using our online enrolment form. If you experience any difficulties with this form, please email cedepadmin@soas.ac.uk or call +44 207 898 4050.

Points to Remember

The online enrolment form gives you an easy way to select your modules. When planning your enrolments for the coming year please consider the following points:

  • You will only be enrolled on a module once you have paid the fees for that module. If you select a module but do not pay the fees, you will need to re-enrol onto the module at a later date.
  • The enrolment form will help guide you through the process, but you should ensure that you are following the right study path to achieve your academic target. Please study the regulations and programme specifications carefully to make sure that you select a valid set of modules for your programme. Full Programme details and Regulations are available here.
  • In the first year of your studies, MSc students can enrol in up to six modules, but two of these must be Research Methods and the Dissertation and these must be purchased together. (The Dissertation itself will be completed during the following academic year.) Students not taking the Research Methods and the Dissertation in the first year may take no more than four modules in the first year