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Centre for Financial and Management Studies (CeFiMS)

Individual Professional Awards


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Mode of Attendance: Distance Learning

Fees: £1,245

The Individual Professional Awards programme offers people in the financial and management sector a very effective form of flexible professional education. Our modules are designed to each rigorously explore themes in depth. The modules have all been designed and constructed by professionals whose own research is at the forefront of current thinking.

An IPC can be a very useful way of testing whether Distance Learning is the method for you if you have any doubt about making the commitment involved in a full programme. When you have completed an IPA successfully, you will be awarded a University of London certificate. If the IPA is related to a course on the MSc or Postgraduate Diploma that you want to enrol for and you have achieved a pass mark of 50% or more, then you can be awarded credit towards that programme.


For each module that you choose to study, you will complete two assignments each worth 15% of your total marks. You will be expected to submit your first assignment by the Tuesday of Week 5, and the second assignment at the end of the module, on the Tuesday of Week 8. You will also sit a three-hour examination held on a specific date in October, worth 70% of the total mark.



You can choose a module from any of the Distance Learning programmes available. You may take up to three modules in total.


Taking an Individual Professional Course will provide you with valuable training and help you advance in your career in fund management institutions, banks, governments, public services, international organisations and NGOs.

A Student's Perspective

The core courses were challenging, stimulating, and informative with a hands-on approach to learning beyond theory, making learning applicable to my work and career.

Ritianne Demanuele