SOAS University of London

Centres and Programmes Office

Academic Hospitality

Each year the Centres receive visiting scholars of regional area studies who wish to be located at SOAS to take advantage of its existing research culture and its excellent library holdings.  

'Academic Hospitality' is granted by the School to a recognised scholar from a non-British University, known to the recommending Regional Centre, wishing to avail him or herself of the School's library and public seminars for a stated period of no more than 12 months.  This status is granted by the School on the recommendation of a Regional Centre Chair.

The title for individuals in receipt of Academic Hospitality is 'Visiting Scholar'.

Privileges include:

  • Library membership (please note: remote access to electronic resources is not included in Library membership).
  • Use of Staff Common Room
  • Attendance at lectures and seminars

Requests for Academic Hospitality should consist of:

  • A written request from an overseas academic (including the dates of the appointment); 
  • Curriculum vitae (including postal and email address); 
  • Written approval from a Regional Centre Chair; and
  • A digital photo (which will be used on their staff web page).

Requests can be made directly to the Centre Chair or via the Office Manager, Centres & Programmes Office.

Bench Fees

A bench fee is charged if sponsorship is available or if the Chair of Regional Centre and Pro-Director, think it appropriate to charge a fee.  The rate is set by Executive Board from time to time.  Executive Board is also responsible for agreeing the way in which the bench fee is allocated across the School.