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Student Advice and Wellbeing

The Chaplaincy

The Chaplaincy is situated in College Buildings, Room 350 (third floor).

Anglican Chaplain
The Reverend Stephen Williams

E-mail: chaplaincy@lon.ac.uk

Catholic Chaplain
Sister Susana Alonso Hermira

E-mail: sa126@soas.ac.uk

Chaplain to Korean Students
The Revd Dr Luke Lee

E-mail: luke.gh.lee@gmail.com
Tel: 07900 311 271

Hindu Chaplain

Sachi Kishore Das
E-mail: sachi.kishore@gmail.com

Jewish Chaplain

Rabbi Gavin Broder
E-Mail: rabbibroder@mychaplaincy.co.uk

Muslim Chaplain

Mr Yusuf Kaplan
E-mail: y.kaplan@westminster.ac.uk