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  • Voices from Tibet: Reportage by Woeser & Wang
  • Violet S. Law (translator)
  • Voices from Tibet assembles reportage by Tsering Woeser and Wang Lixiong, regarded as the most insightful writers on contemporary Tibet. With the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) in a virtual lockdown after the 2008 unrest, this book sheds light on the simmering frustrations that touched off the unrest and Beijing’s relentless control tactics in its wake. This talk will feature selected readings, and discuss the making of the book and the facts on the ground.


  • The fortunes and misfortunes of the Tibetan army’s reforms during the first half of the 20th century (1895-1951)
  • Dr Alice Travers (CNRS)
  • The Tibetan army's expansion and reform was part of a modernisation programme undertaken by the 13th Dalai-lama. Troop numbers, organisation and equipment were improved in the context of Tibet’s de facto independence and increasing military threat to the east. Based on biographies, archives and interviews, this talk analyses the military reforms (recruitment, hierarchy, training, uniform, arms, ammunitions) in tandem with the political national and international context.


  • Towards a Tibetan Buddhist philosophy of language
  • Dorji Wangchuk (Hamburg)
  • This lecture will discuss Tibetan Buddhist philosophy of language, by considering six points, namely: (1) the ontology of language; (2) a typology of language; (3) a technology (or mechanism) of language; (4) language in the context of Buddhist ontology; (5) language in the context of Buddhist axiology (i.e. theory of values); and (6) language in the context of Buddhist logic and epistemology. This will be done by resorting to random writings of Tibetan Buddhist scholars.