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Tibetan Studies at SOAS

Tibetan Studies Outreach Lecture Series

A series of lectures and events related to Tibet and Tibetan Buddhism aimed at the general public.

This series of lectures and events proposes to bridge the gap which sometimes exists between the academic study of Tibet and Tibetan Buddhism and the general or popular interest in these subjects among the public. These talks are frequently organised jointly between SOAS and other London based Tibet related charities and NGOs. 

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Forthcoming Events

Tibet's minority languages: mapping Tibet's linguistic diversity and its contemporary transformation

Dr Gerald Roche (Uppsala)

This talk will focus on Tibet's non-Tibetan minority languages. In addition to providing basic information about these languages, the talk examines the complex sociolinguistic context faced by their speakers as enclaves within larger Tibetan communities, inside the Chinese state, in an interconnected and globalized world. These languages are subject to several unexpected sociolinguistic trends. Some languages are thriving, while others are likely to disappear in the near future.

7 May 2015, Russell Square: College Buildings, G51, 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM