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Department of the Languages and Cultures of the Near and Middle East

Old Georgian

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Course Not Running 2015/2016
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Full Year

The course introduces to those who have completed their grammatical study of Modern Georgian by way of comparison and contrast the language as attested in the old manuscripts.


Successful completion of Intermediate Georgian language (or equivalent).


Classroom grammar and reading of texts. Two hours of tuition per week.

Scope and syllabus

The main differences between Old and Modern Georgian are examined in terms of noun-declension, the verbal system and syntax. Texts are read to illustrate these points of divergence.

Method of assessment

One three-hour written exam in May-June, which will be part-essay, part-translation.

Suggested reading

The main textbook will be Akaki Shanidze's 1976 Old Georgian Grammar (in Georgian), a German translation of which was published by Heinz Faehnrich, whose own 1994 Grammatik der altgeorgischen Sprache can also be used as a supplement.