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Department of the Languages and Cultures of Africa

KiSwahili novel (language study abroad course)

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Course Not Running 2014/2015
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Full Year
Swahili students taking a 4-year degree are required to study for two terms in Tanzania during the 3rd year. Term 1 (September – December) is spent at the Institute of Kiswahili and Foreign Languages in Zanzibar; one of the courses taken is ‘Advanced Swahili Usage’ which is a 3rd year core course. Term 2 (January- March/April) is at the Department of Kiswahili, University of Dar Es Salaam; where students study two courses. Students are informed of the options available at Dar Es Salaam by the end of their second year at SOAS


Completion of year 2 of the BA Swahili degree progamme.


Teaching hours will be determined by the Year Abroad Institution.

Method of assessment

One two-hour written examination (50%), oral exam (20%) and coursework (30%)

Suggested reading

Supplied by the Year Abroad Institution.