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South Asia Department

Vedic Prose and Poetry

Course Code:
Course Not Running 2015/2016
Unit value:
Year of study:
Year 3
Taught in:
Full Year
This is a language-based course for students with good basic knowledge of Sanskrit. The course is designed to make students acquainted with the oldest layer of Sanskrit language and literature and provide an access based on the original Sanskrit texts to their religious and philosophical background. The texts read in class include stories from the Brahmanas (Aitareya, Satapatha, or Jaiminiya), and excerpts from the most important Upani'ads. One term will be devoted to hymns from the Ùgveda, the most ancient Indo-Aryan literary document, its linguistic and poetic features and its religious and philosophical content.


Good knowledge of Sanskrit.


Total of 22 weeks teaching with 2 hours classroom contact per week.

Method of assessment

One three-hour written examination taken in May/June (80%); coursework (20%), consisting of 2 essays (2500-3000 words), due first day of second and third terms.

Suggested reading

A comprehensive reading list will be given to all students enroled on this course at the beginning of the session.