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Department of the Languages and Cultures of South East Asia

Indonesian Literature: Literature of the Revolution

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Course Not Running 2015/2016
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Year of study:
Year 2
Taught in:
Term 2


Indonesian language 1 (or equivalent)

Objectives and learning outcomes of the course

By the end of this course a student should be able to demonstrate  . . . 

  • an understanding of the key texts of Indonesian literature from the period 1942 - 1955
  • improved skills in reading Indonesian literary texts, both poetry and prose
  • an awareness and comprehension of the changes that occurred in the wake of the Japanese occupation of the Dutch East Indies and the subsequent revolution and struggle for independence, as well as an understanding of the main features of Indonesian poetics and literary aesthetics
  • an understanding of the main features of Indonesian poetics and literary aesthetics
  • written and oral skills of presentation in particular to learn to use primary textual examples to backup arguments and hypotheses
  • experience and knowledge of the various Indonesian/Malay bibliographic and other library resources
  • an understanding of some of the different approaches to literary translation, and the difficulties involved


A total of 11 weeks teaching with 3 hours classroom contact per week.

Scope and syllabus

Reading of literary texts in Indonesian (short stories, fragments from novels, poetry,), as well as supplementary texts in translation. Key readings in Indonesian will be supplemented by readings in English translation. The course will focus on developments in language and literature in the wake of the Japanese occupation, the subsequent declaration of independence, and the ensuing revolution. The course consists of readings in the most representative authors of this period (e.g. Idrus, Chairil Anwar, Pramoedya Ananta Toer, Asrul Sani, Achdiat Karta Mihardja, Rivai Apin. Sitor Situmoang). In lectures and seminars, key problems of the era such as the inheritance from the pre-war generation, the cultural manifesto Surat Kepercayaan Gelanggang and subsequent reactions to those ideas, the idea of the generation of ’45 (Angkatan ’45) will be discussed. These seminars will also draw on key works on the period by scholars such as Teeuw, Aveling, Maier, Johns, Tiwon, Foulcher, Hellwig.

This course is core for year 2 students of BA Indonesian and BA Indonesian and . . . . .

Method of assessment

One two hour written examination taken in May/June (60%); one 1,500 word essay to be submitted on day 1, week 6, of the term in which the course is taught (15%); one 2,500 word essay to be submitted on day 1, week 1, of the following term (25%).

Suggested reading

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Writings on poetry

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    Literature in translation.
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