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International trade law

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Many students come to the LLM to focus on international commercial law. Any study of International commercial law must include the basic building block of commerce and international trade. 

This course will develop a sound knowledge of how trade functions, and facilitate a broader understanding of related courses, ranging from conflicts to company law.

Objectives and learning outcomes of the course

  • Understand an International Sales Transaction and its elements
  • Understand the rules governing sales and documentary sales under English law
  • Understand the theories and practice of harmonisation of international trade law
  • Understand the rules of the CISG and be familiar with other instruments of harmonisation of trade law
  • Understand the functions of sales, carriage, payment and cargo insurance contracts in international trade
  • Understand the interaction of these four contracts in international trade transactions
  • Apply knowledge of these four contracts in any given factual scenario on international sales transaction

Scope and syllabus

The study of International Trade Law is a basic building block in obtaining an LLM in International Commercial Law. This course focuses on the analysis and interaction between four fundamental contracts in cross border sales transactions, international sales, carriage, payment and insurance contracts with related issues including, and harmonisation issues from an international perspective. 

This course focuses on the application of relevant international legal process, instrument and principles that directly affect the conclusion and performance of these contracts and their interaction in the cross border sale of goods between private parties.

Method of assessment

Assessment weighting: 100% unseen examination.