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School of Law

Commercial Law

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Course Not Running 2015/2016
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Full Year

English commercial law is widely used for international commercial transactions. Indeed, the vast majority of disputes heard by the English Commercial Court concern non-English parties. In addition, English law is the basis for the commercial law of nearly all Commonwealth jurisdictions and has many similarities with that of the United States. The aim of this course is to provide a sound understanding of the sources, principles and application of the law. The subjects studied may vary from year to year and may include topics not included in the following list: basic concepts of personal property, aspects of contract law with particular relevance to commercial law, agency, domestic sales law (a major part of the course), negotiable instruments and bills of exchange, secured financing, corporate collapse, commercial conflicts of law, the resolution of commercial disputes in the English courts.

Attendance and performance requirements are strict. In particular, students must attend all classes including, in particular, the first lecture. Any student who does not attend the first lecture may not attend the course, except in absolutely exceptional (and documented) circumstances. (Attendance at the first lecture does not oblige a student to take the course.)

Objectives and learning outcomes of the course

On successful completion of the course, a student should be able to demonstrate a sound understanding of the sources, principles and application of English commercial law on a general level and a more detailed knowledge of certain specialist topics.

Method of assessment

Assessment weighting: 70% unseen exam & 30% coursework (one essay of 5,000 words)

All coursework may be resubmitted.