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Centre for Media Studies

Contemporary Visual Cultures of the Middle East

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Term 2

Objectives and learning outcomes of the course

  • Comprehend  and utilise a range of contemporary theories of the visual, the digital and the Web
  • Understand the nature of visual cultures and the politics of image production, distribution and consumption in Iran and its diaspora
  • Analyse a variety of forms of digital and contemporary visual expression (art, photography, advertising; graffiti; posters, etc)

Scope and syllabus

For MA Global Media and Post-national Communication, it will be a key option in its focus on the nature of contemporary visual representation and introduce students to a range of theoretical arguments. It will function as an interesting additional regional option for MA Iranian Studies, for MA Media and the Middle East and MA Media in Development. It will be an important option for the new MA Digital Global Cultures

Method of assessment

  • 5000  word assignment
    essay of 2500 words supplemented with 20 images or  5 minutes video = 90% of final mark
  • seminar presentation = 10% of final mark

Suggested reading