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Department of Music

Music in South Asian Culture (Masters)

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A survey of the principal types of musician and musical performance in South Asian culture, including classical and non-classical, religious and secular, professional and non-professional, group and solo, male and female etc.

N.B. Music in South Asian Culture and Indian Classical Music alternate; only one course is taught in any one academic year.

Objectives and learning outcomes of the course

Concepts of musicianship, of the functions of music, and of tradition and its transmission, and phenomena of continuity and change are explored through study of the relevant literature and of sound and video recordings.

Research methods applicable to the study of South Asian musics will be introduced and discussed in seminars and will form the basis of coursework.


Three hours per week

Method of assessment

One exam (worth 60%);one aural (worth10%),two essays (worth 15% each)