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Department of Music, School of Arts

Indian Classical Music

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An introduction to the Indian classical music tradition, focusing on fundamental concepts and on the relationship between tradition and performance. The concepts of raga and tala, the principal vocal and instrumental forms and styles of North and South Indian music, aesthetic and theoretical concepts, concepts of tradition and its transmission, and the historical development of the tradition are explored through analysis of recorded performances and study of the relevant literature. 

Techniques of transcription and analysis, and other research methods applicable to the study of Indian classical music, will be introduced and discussed in seminars.

Indian Classical Music and Music in South Asian Culture alternate; only one course is taught in any one academic year.

Objectives and learning outcomes of the course

Subject Knowledge: 

  • Familiarity with the repertoire of Indian classical music and its fundamental concepts
  • Understanding of the theoretical and aesthetic principles and historical development of the music
  • Awareness of the relation between, and the transmission of, tradition and performance


  • Relating the principles of Indian classical music through transcription, analyses and some elementary vocal performance
  • relating the performance of Indian music to its background of musical tradition and culture through reading, library research, fieldwork etcetera and expressed though essay writing
  • aural perception, critical and analytic thinking and verbal communication.


Three hours per week

Method of assessment

Exam (aural) 20%, coursework 4X15 each, transcription 1X20%