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Department of Politics and International Studies

Pakistan: Politics, Law and Development

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Year of study:
Year 1
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Full Year

During Term 1, this course will provide students with a multi-disciplinary approach to contemporary Pakistan with lecturers from law, economics, development studies, anthropology, religion, and of course, politics.

During Term 2 the course will continue to examine the social and political life of Pakistan—this time in comparative regional perspective. Special attention will be paid to the challenge of situating Pakistan vis-à-vis the experience of neighbouring India as well as Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Afghanistan.

Objectives and learning outcomes of the course

On completion of the course students will have the following:

  • Active knowledge of contemporary trends in the social, economic, ethnic, religious, and political life of Pakistan
  • A multi-disciplinary perspective on key debates in the study of contemporary Pakistan
  • Academic skill in comparing the social, economic, and political life of Pakistan with neighbouring countries
  • Greater familiarity with the academic literature regarding law, economics, and politics in Pakistan
  • Strong research and writing skills with a special emphasis on the social scientific analysis of contemporary South Asia

Method of assessment

Assessment is 40% coursework (comprising two 3000 word essays) and 60% unseen examination (three hours). All coursework is resubmissable.