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BA Dissertation in English

Course Not Running 2014/15
Unit value:
Year of study:
Year 3 of 3 or Year 4 of 4

Objectives and learning outcomes of the course

At the end of a course, a student should be able to demonstrate… 

  • the ability to formulate, pursue, and complete a project of independent study;
  • the ability to identify, with the tutor’s help, a suitable topic, the appropriate sources and relevant critical tools in order to formulate an original projects and develop original arguments;
  • an understanding of some of the key theories, methods, and issues in literary studies;
  • the ability to keep to schedule and deadlines while pursuing self-study;
  • a critical appraisal of the various approaches and issues related to the topic chosen;
  • the development of their own professional and personal interests through participation in the course;
  • the range of intellectual, critical, and reading skills relevant to an understanding of literature in the global world.


This course will be taught over 22 weeks with a 2 hour lecture for 10 weeks in Term 1.  In term 2 students will receive up to 10 hours of individual supervision and a attend a further 2 dissertation workshops after week 7. 

Scope and syllabus

In Spring of Year 2 students on the programme will be invited to identify their topic and their proposed supervisor, who will suggest a preliminary bibliography.

The course will consist of ten seminars in Term 1: 6 on critical theories in order to equip students with the conceptual and critical tools that will enable them to work on their topics, 2 sessions on writing skills and 2 dissertation workshops in which students will present their proposed topic, research question, critical approach, and primary material.  In Term 2 students will work with their individual supervisors, and there will be two further dissertation workshops after Week 7.

Method of assessment

One essay of 1,000 words (submission date to be confirmed) (10%); one 10,000 word dissertation to be submitted on day 5, week 1, term 3 (90%).