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Centre of South East Asian Studies

Current MPhil and PhD students pursuing projects on South East Asia

Sangeeta Bhardwaj
Sangeeta Bhardwaj

Malaysia/Singapore Literature in English: Representations of the Malaysian Punjabi Community

Julian Brown
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The Art of Ancient Champa: a twentieth century creation

Rebecca E. Engel
Rebecca Engel

International interventions during transition in Timor-Leste: Implications for stability and the prevention of violent conflict

Maria Kekki
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"Ethnicity and social identification in 14th-18th central mainland Southeast Asia"

Woocheol Lee
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Property Rights and Political Economy in Vietnam

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Ronnie McCrum
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The Japanese Invasions of Malaya and Burma in 1941-1942

Philippa McMahon
Philippa M McMahon

[working title] Surplus to Requirements: Urban poor livelihoods and experiences of resettlement in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Harlina Md Sharif
Harlina Md Sharif

Mosques in Island Southeast Asia (15th to 20th century)

Isabella Ng
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Is there still a Gender Divide? A study of the indigenous women in Hong Kong since the legitimization of female land inheritance during the post-colonial era

Christine Ngoc Ngo
Christine Ngoc, Ngo

Technology Adoption in Rent-seeking Economies: The Case of Vietnam

M Arif Rokhman
Muh Arif Rokhman

Encountering the Other in the Works of the Indonesian Literary Association Forum Lingkar Pena

Mimi Savitri
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Surakarta: Islamic and Colonial city-planning in Java

Michaela Unterbarnscheidt
Michaela Unterbarnscheidt

A comparative study of transition and social change in early Thai and Amharic novels

Sinead Ward
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The Kammavacca Manuscript in Burma

Lia Wei
Lia Wei

Rock-cut caves in the Upper Yangzi River: Identifying a stone working tradition (2nd to 3rd century CE)

Pei-chien Wu
Pei-Chien Wu

Chinese Muslim in Malaysia: the shaping of identity and ethnic boundaries