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Department of Financial and Management Studies (DeFiMS)

BSc International Management (Korea)(Year Abroad)

Programme Code: 4F47 Duration: 4 years


Our 4-year programme provides students with a strong grounding in international management, specialist knowledge of business and management in Korea and Japan and competence in Korean or Japanese language. Students take courses in accounting, finance, managerial economics, marketing, corporate governance, research methods and international business strategy, together with specialist courses that draw on SOAS’s knowledge of management and finance in Korea and Japan. In addition, students take three full-unit modules in Korean and Japanese. During their time at SOAS students have the opportunity to take approved courses from other SOAS departments, such as Law, Politics, Economics and Languages and Cultures of Korea and Japan, providing a rich inter-disciplinary learning environment.

The programme aims to provide students with a conceptual understanding of core principles of international management and finance, the ability to apply this knowledge to real issues facing business and other organisations that operate in Korea or Japan or deal with these economies, and competence in Korean or Japanese language.


Learn a language as part of this programme

Degree programmes at SOAS - including this one - can include language courses in more than forty African and Asian languages. It is SOAS students’ command of an African or Asian language which sets SOAS apart from other universities.

The BSc International Management (Korea) (Year Abroad) is a 4-year programme that combines International Management and Korean language. Students spend 3 years studying on campus, taking modules to the value of 4 units in each year. The third year of study is spent abroad at a partner institution in Korea. In their final year students complete an Independent Study Project or Dissertation on an agreed topic in International Management (Korea).

Please note: Students with existing proficiency in Korean may take a  more advanced sequence of Korean language courses, subject to placement test. When selecting optional units, it should be noted that the number of half units taken in Term 1 will need to be equal to the number of half units taken in Term 2, for each year of study.

Year One
OR an approved open option course to the value of 0.5 unit in term 1
Year Two
OR an approved open option course to the value of 0.5 unit in term 1
Year Three

You will spend year three overseas in Korea at one of our partner institutions

Year Four
Plus courses to the value of 2 units from the following list:
An approved open option course (may be a half unit, two half units, or one whole unit, but must not exceed 1 unit in total)


Teaching & Learning

Year abroad

In year three students follow an approved programme of study at a partner institution, normally, in Korea or Japan.


Graduates will have a firm grasp of international management disciplines that should place them in a good position to pursue a career in business, banking, consulting, media and other industries, especially in companies or organisations that operate in, or do business with Korea or Japan. Students who attain a first or upper second will be well-placed to embark on postgraduate study. DeFiMS maintains close links with employers in the United Kingdom, its focus regions including Korea, Japan and elsewhere. We expect that many of our graduates will move into banking, consulting, media, and other industries.

A Student's Perspective

The cultural diversity of the student body makes for a multi-dimensional learning experience

Tomoko Sugimoto