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Geography Options at King's College

Geography Courses Available for the 2014/15 Academic Year

For individual course information, please see the downloadable Course Information packs to the right-hand side of this page.
If you have any questions regarding the Geography Units, please contact either Lepina Begum (devstudies@soas.ac.uk) at SOAS, or Debby Potts (debby.potts@kcl.ac.uk) at Kings College.
Some of these courses are new.  KCL timetables are only set definitely in August.
KCL timetables can be found at: http://www.soas.ac.uk/departments/joint/programmes/babscgeogand/geog/

All courses in options list below are 15 credits / 0.5 Units; see downloadable documents for course descriptions and terms taught.  

2nd Year Courses
General 2nd year Geography Options

5SSG2011 Economic and Social Change in Post War Europe
5SSG2017 Historical Geographies of Urbanism
5SSG2023 Physical Geography: Earth Surface Processes and Landforms
5SSG2040 Territory, State & Nation
5SSG2042 Natural Hazards
5SSG2043 Environmental Remote Sensing
5SSG2044 Development Geographies: Livelihood and Policy Contexts [not available to students taking Development Studies due to overlap]
5SSG2051 Climate Variabilty, Change & Society
5SSG2052 Society, Environment and Geography: The Nature of the Environment
5SSG2054 Water & Development
5SSG2055 Institutions, Governance & Development [rural development course]
5SSG2056 Urban & Cultural Geography: Space, Society & Culture
5SSG2057 Landscapes: Ecology, Biogeography & Management
5SSG2058 Urban Geography: Exploring the City

The following courses are available only to 2 subject degree students studying Geography.


5SSG2053 Principles of Geographical Inquiry (30 credits);
5SSG2048 Methods in Human Geography (15 credits)
5SSG2049 Methods in Physical Geography (15 credits)


5SSG2047 Fieldwork in Human & Development Geography (15 credits)*
5SSG2046 Fieldwork in Physical Geography (15 credits) *
*The fieldwork courses have pre-requisite Methods courses.  5SSG2047 must be taken with 5SSG2048; 5SSG2046 with 5SSG2049

3rd Year Courses

6SSG3013 Global Political Ecology
6SSG3016 Global Cities: Processes, Problems & Policies
6SSG3025 Desert Environments
6SSG3028 Environmental Remote Sensing II
6SSG3030 Tropical Forests in a Changing Environment
6SSG3037 Economic & Social Change in Southern Africa
6SSG3043 Japanese Environments
6SSG3056 Political Economy of Hazardscapes
6SSG3058 Environmental Risk, Governance and Society
6SSG0365 Economy, Society and Politics in C19th London
*6SSG3067 Hollywood and the Postindustrial City
6SSG3068 River Processes & Management
*6SSG3069 Histories & Geographies of Climate Change
6SSG3070 Global Environmental Change 1: Past & Present
6SSG3071 Global Environmental Change 2: Present & Future
6SSG3072 The Right to the City
* 6SSG3069 Histories & Geographies of Climate Change and 6SSG3067 Hollywood and the Postindustrial City will have their module codes changed over the summer period.

The following courses are available only to 2 subject degree students studying Geography.


6SSG0610        Independent Geographical Study

HALF COURSE UNIT (15 credits)

6SSG3061         Current Research in Geography
6SSG3040 Directed Readings in Geography