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Department of Development Studies

Department of Development Studies

Development Studies is a dynamic field of study concerned with social and economic change and the major policy challenges they present. While the major focus is on those countries which have remained poor despite the advances made in the industrialised parts of the world, many of the issues raised are essentially global in scope and significance.

Development Studies draws heavily on the core disciplines of Geography, Economics, Anthropology, Politics, Sociology and Law but has developed its own disciplinary focus. There are two distinctive features which give Development Studies at SOAS characteristics not available elsewhere. The first is the School's outstanding reputation for the study of non-Western systems of thought and law. The second is its unrivalled regional specialisation in Asia, Africa and the Middle East, which gives historical and cultural depth based on knowledge of local languages and the full range of contemporary social sciences, though this does not mean we neglect consideration of other regions including Latin America and the Caribbean.

The Department offers undergraduate, MSc, and MPhil/PhD programmes.

The Department's research is centred around Globalisation & Neoliberalism, Violence & Conflict, Migration and Mobility, Agrarian Change, and Labour Markets.


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