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Kallis Visiting Professor joins SOAS to help develop political ecology research

Professor Giorgos Kallis, a leading political ecologist at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, has been awarded a Leverhulme Visiting Professorship to join the department of Development Studies for a period of one year beginning in January 2015.

22nd October 2014

SOAS scholar to co-lead research on health and sustainability aspects of palm oil in project funded by Wellcome Trust

Bhavani Shankar, Professor of International Food, Agriculture and Health at SOAS, University of London has secured a grant from the Wellcome Trust to co-lead a pilot research project on health and sustainability aspects of palm oil.

30th September 2014

SOAS scholar to address US audience on counterterrorist strategy and humanitarian action

Dr Laura Hammond, Head of Department of Development Studies at SOAS, University of London will address an invited audience on counterterrorist strategy and humanitarian action for a series of American Friends of SOAS (AFSOAS) events in Boston, Washington DC and New York this week.

1st September 2014

SOAS Department of Development Studies achieves excellent levels of student satisfaction

97% of the Department’s final year SOAS students say they were satisfied with the overall quality of their course, an improvement of 4% on 2013.  

Particularly high rates of satisfaction were achieved for teaching (97%), up 6% and access to learning resources (93%), up 7%.  

12th August 2014

SOAS scholar to advise UN on social development

The expertise of Guy Standing, Professor of Development Studies at SOAS, University of London will be drawn upon to advise the UN's Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA).

30th July 2014

SOAS scholars join £1 million fieldwork project to explore migration

Three SOAS, University of London scholars will join an interdisciplinary team of researchers for a £1 million fieldwork project exploring rural to urban migration, as part of a new Field Research Programme initiative led by the Royal Geographical Society (RGS) with the Institute of British Geographers (IBG).

10th July 2014

Frauke Urban book pic SOAS scholar publishes research on low carbon energy options for emerging economies

Dr Frauke Urban, an environmental scientist at SOAS, University of London explores climate change mitigation options for India and China in her latest book.

19th June 2014

SOAS scholars provide critical perspectives on the links between crisis and migration.

SOAS scholars' book release: As terms like ‘migration crisis’ and ‘crisis migration’ are acquiring increasing currency among policy-makers and academics, Crisis and Migration: Critical Perspectives investigates a series of politically controversial migration situations around the world, from the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and East Asia to Europe.

27th May 2014

Research finds Fairtrade fails the poorest workers in Ethiopia and Uganda

Fairtrade certified coffee, tea and flowers do not improve lives of the very poorest rural people in Ethiopia and Uganda, according to a four-year research project conducted by leading development economists at SOAS, University of London. The project studied rural labour markets in areas producing crops for export, under different institutional conditions that included, in some research sites, Fairtrade certification.

24th May 2014

SOAS scholar joins IWRA webinar panel to discuss water, sanitation and hygiene as preventative medicine

Peter Mollinga, Professor of Development Studies at SOAS, University of London recently participated in an International Water Resource Association (IWRA) webinar on water, sanitation and hygiene.

22nd May 2014

World Bank Chief of Staff addresses SOAS students

Yvonne Tsikata, Chief of Staff and Director of the Office of the President of the World Bank, addressed SOAS students to discuss the relevancy of the World Bank how it is striving to position itself for a post-2015 world.

16th May 2014

SOAS part of new £7.2m research collaboration to develop metrics for agriculture and nutrition

New partnership wins £7.2m from Department of International Development (DFID) for five-year research project developing scientific evidence to underpin effective policies and investments in agriculture for improved nutrition and health.

10th April 2014

SOAS scholar secures ESRC/DFID funding for research on parliaments and poverty reduction in Bangladesh and Ethiopia

Dr Emma Crewe, a Research Associate in the Department of Anthropology and Sociology at SOAS, University of London has received a grant of £501,930 from an Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) - Department for International Development (DFID) joint fund to research the role of MPs in public engagement and poverty reduction in Bangladesh and Ethiopia.

10th April 2014

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