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Department of Development Studies

Development Policy, Aid, Institutions and Poverty Reduction Research Cluster Members

Cluster Convenor

Dr Michael Jennings

Michael Jennings
Research Cluster Convenor
Michael Jennings

Politics, governance, and civil society in sub-Saharan Africa; non-governmental organisations; faith and development; history of development processes and interventions; issues in international health and non-state actors in health delivery.

  • Tel: +44(0) 207 898 4268
  • Email: mj10@soas.ac.uk
  • Room: 261
  • On Sabbatical:2015/16 Full Academic Year
Jonathan Di John
Research Cluster Member
Jonathan Di John Development economics, economic growth, institutional economics, taxation in less developed countries, the political economy of oil states, political economy of industrial policy in Latin America, especially of Venezuela, Colombia and Brazil. 
  • Tel: 020 7898 4087
  • Email: jd5@soas.ac.uk
  • Room: 370
  • Office Hours: Thursday 1.30-3.30pm

Jonathan Goodhand
Research Cluster Member
Jonathan Goodhand South and Central Asia; complex political emergencies, humanitarian aid; NGO capacity building, aid, conflict and development
  • Tel: +44 (0)20 7898 4483
  • Email: jg27@soas.ac.uk
  • Room: 296
  • On Sabbatical:2015/16 Full Academic Year
Terry McKinley
Research Cluster Member
Terry McKinley

Growth, Human Development, Employment, Inequality and Poverty. Transition Economies (Armenia, China, Mongolia, Uzbekistan); Asia (Indonesia); Africa (South Africa, Zambia); Middle East (Sudan, Yemen).

Carlos Oya
Research Cluster Member
Carlos Oya West Africa, Southern Africa, agrarian political economy; poverty; rural labour; development aid; research methods
  • Tel: 020 7898 4566
  • Email: co2@soas.ac.uk
  • Room: 292a
  • Office Hours: Tuesday 11-1pm
  • On Sabbatical:2015/16 Term 2
Alfredo Saad Filho
Research Cluster Member
Alfredo Saad-Filho Latin America; political economy of development; industrial policy; pro-poor economic policy; neoliberalism; value theory
  • Tel: 020 7898 4504
  • Email: as59@soas.ac.uk
  • Room: 294
  • Office Hours: Tuesday 2-3pm

Research Students

Amrita Lamba
Research Cluster Member
Amrita Lamba

Brazil, South Africa, India; comparative study of natural resources governance; innovations in institutional design; the emergence of the ‘regulatory state’ in the developing world; poverty analysis; forced migration; adaptation and climate change.