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Director's Teaching Prize 2014-2015

The Director’s Teaching Prize has been established in order to recognise excellence in teaching and the promotion of learning within the School. The School  recognises the need to celebrate achievements in the field of innovation in learning and teaching, as well as to acknowledge teaching and teaching-related scholarly and/or creative activities. Nominations will be accepted for the following four prize categories:

Innovative teaching

The award is intended for a member of staff who makes a significant contribution to innovation in curriculum design, assessment, content or delivery. Such teacher enhances the student learning experience by using imaginative ways of teaching and is creative in including new media support into their lectures, seminars or tutorials.

Inspirational teaching

The award is intended for a member of staff who promotes motivating, inspiring and stimulating learning and it is aimed to recognise and reward members of staff who have had an exceptional impact on the student learning experience  Such a teacher is committed to student learning and recognises the diversity of learners' needs.

Graduate Teaching Assistants and Teaching Fellows

The award is intended for a member of staff who has been teaching for 4 years or less, yet their teaching practices and enthusiasm engage students in intellectually challenging and stimulating discussions. They are committed to professional development and excel in student feedback while promoting and enhancing the learners' experience.

Academic support staff

The award is intended to recognize any member of staff at SOAS that has had an important impact on students but does not work in strictly academic positions. Students spend a lot of time at SOAS where they are helped by members of staff in facilities such as the   Library, Student Advice and Wellbeing, the Academic Development Directorate, the Careers Office etc. These services provide study skills, research, information technology, SPLD support and personal development workshops and events.

Further Information

The prize will be given for work undertaken at SOAS, with SOAS students.  

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The 2012 winner was Dr. Kevin Manton, EAP Teacher and subject lecturer for International Foundation Courses and English Language Studies (IFCELS). Hear him speak on study experiences at SOAS.

The awards for 2014-15 will be presented during the Graduation Ceremony in July 2015 (exact date to be confirmed).

For more information, please see Director's Teaching Prize FAQs or contact Diana (add@soas.ac.uk).