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European Association of Israel Studies (EAIS)

Research Networks Initiative

Call for Applications

There is still time to submit your application for 4000 GBP funding from the EAIS in support of research network activity within an identifiable field of Israel Studies.


Since its establishment, one of the key aims of the EAIS has been to create Israel Studies research networks across Europe. Such networks would comprise, for example, scholars working within the same European country on a variety of Israel Studies themes, or scholars from different European countries working on the same Israel Studies theme.

We are therefore delighted to announce that fully paid-up Members of the EAIS now have the opportunity to submit a competitive application for 4000 GBP funding in support of research network activity across Europe within an identifiable field of Israel Studies.  The purpose of the funding is to enable a research network to evolve around an innovative Israel Studies research project.  Funding recipients will have the opportunity to present the findings (whether initial or developed) of their research in 2015, at the EAIS 4th Annual Conference next year.

Selection criteria

Proposals should clearly demonstrate:

  • Innovation and excellence in Israel Studies research.
  • A viable research agenda duly advancing the proposed field of study.
  • How the funding will be used, including how it will facilitate sustained research activity as opposed to a one-off research project.
  • The research network’s European composition, i.e. whether it is a national network of scholars from the same European country or a multilateral network of scholars from across Europe or from a European sub-region.
Supporting materials

Scholars seeking to apply for funding should submit the following materials:

  • Personal details and institutional affiliation of each member of the research network.
  • Abstract of the research project (200 words).
  • Detailed research programme (1000 words max).
  • Action plan (250 words).
  • Budget.
  • Academic CV.

Please submit your application no later than Thursday, 31 July 2014 to Kirsten Thompson.