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Department of Economics

Research Students in the Economics Department

Mohammed Ali Syed
Staff Silhouette

The Fertility Transition in Bangladesh: Explaining Regional Variations in Fertility and the Effects on Family Welfare (working title)

Carolina Alves
Carolina Cristina Alves

Dynamics of the Brazilian Domestic Public Debt: financial trap or a necessity based upon the logic of the financial market (working title)

Basani Baloyi
Basani Baloyi

The Financialisation of Mozambique’s Transport Infrastructure and Its Impact on Mozambique’s Spatial Dislocation Problem: A Case Study of the Maputo and Sena Development Corridors

Caroline Hambloch
Caroline Hambloch

Exploring the Nexus of Governance and Upgrading in a Global Value Chain Analysis Framework: Agro-Food Standards and their Implications on Farmers in the Palm Oil Industry in the Philippines

Jiayi Han
Jiayi Han

The Division of Labor and Integration: A Study of Industrialization in the Pearl River Delta Region of China

Bruno Hofig
Bruno Hofig

A Political Economy of Risk - Derivatives, Credit Rating and Labour's Bargaining Power in Contemporary Capitalism: the Case of the United States (working title)

Gilad Isaacs
Staff Silhouette

The Internationalisation and Financialisation of Non-Financial Corporations in Democratic South Africa (working title)

Christina Laskaridis
Staff Silhouette

The international distribution of credits and debts and their sustainability in the international monetary system; Debt sustainability and exchange rate dynamics (working title)

Gabriel Pollen
Gabriel Pollen

Total Factor Productivity Growth Applications in a Developing Country: Does the case of Zambia validate or repudiate its realism? (Working Title)

Christina Wolf
Christina Wolf

“China’s Impact on Latecomer Industrialisation in Sub-Saharan Africa: On the Interaction between Changing Patterns of Global Demand and Investment Flows and their Mediation through (Industrial) Policy” (working title)

Pinar Cakiroglu Industrialisiation in Provincial Macedonia in the Late Ottoman Era:  Economic Social and Communal Factors
Judith Tyson The Expansion of Financial Access and Financial Development in Kenya
James George Edward Meadway Stocks, flows and uncertainty:  Critical problems in the stock-flow consistent approach to monetary economies.
Jun Du Agricultural Transition in China:  Domestic and International Perspectives on Technology and Institutional Change
Rashed Al Mahmud Titumir Land Transactions and the Agrarian Transition in Bangledesh
Charles I-Hsin Chen The Dynamics of Privatisation in China (1994-2008):  An Empirical and Econometric Analysis
Karin Seyfert Developmental NGOs in Lebanon
Majid Kazemi Najaf Abadi Oil and economic development in Iran
Yingquan Jiang Banking Reform and Economic Development in Post-1978 China:  Towards a Synthesis of Competing Theoretical Perspectives
Usman Qadir The Political Economy of Technology Acquisition in Pakistan: Policy and Constraints in the Automobile Industry
Tony Norfield British Imperialism and Finance - A contribution to the theory of contemporary imperialism
Nuno Jorge Rodrigues Sampaio Financialisation in South Africa:  Examining the Financial Conduct of Non-Financial Enterprises, Banks and Households
Mary Robertson The Financialisation of British Housing  - A Systems of Provision  Approach
Cheng Jin An analysis of the relationship between small and medium-size enterprises and state-owned enterprises in China: with particular reference to township and village enterprises
Pallavi Roy The political economy of growth under clientelism: An analysis of Gujarat, Tamil Nadu and Pakistan.
Kevin Deane A socio-economic analysis of HIV: Exploring the relationship between population mobility and HIV risk in Tanzania
Mausumi Mahapatro An analysis of land, migration and rural differentiation: A case study in Bangladesh
Duncan Albert Lindon Political economy of financial derivatives: A theoretical analysis of the evolution of banking and its role in derivatives markets
Jago Penrose Financial development and the financing, funding and liquidity management of firms: A post-Keynesian approach with reference to Vietnam
Jason Abraham Moyer-Lee Agricultural global value chains: The case of tobacco in Malawi
Marco Boffo Interrogating the knowledge-based economy: From knowledge as a public good to Italian post-workerism
Eithne Murphy The evolution of trade theory: An exercise in the construction of surrogate or substitute worlds?
Jeff Powell Subordinate financialisation: A study of Mexico and its non-financial corporations
Ngo Thai Hong Ngo Technology adoption in rent seeking economies: The case of Vietnam
Bahram Pourghadiri Inequality and the Rentier State: vertical and horizontal inequality patterns in Iran.
Jo Michell Credit and investment in China: A flow-of-funds analysis
Alexis Stenfors Determining the LIBOR: A study of power and deception
Neha Batura The Cause and Long-term Impact of Poor Nutrition: Evidence from Rural Tanzania
Elif Karacimen Political economy of consumer debt in developing countries: Evidence form Turkey
Takchiro Fukunishi Performance and dynamics of African firms: A comparative analysis of garment firms in Kenya and Bangladesh
Hazel Gray Tanzania and Vietnam: A comparative political economy of economic transition
Alexandre Abreu Migration and development in contemporary guinea-bissau: A political economy approach
Grace Kite Linked In: The Software and IT Services Sector in India's Economic Development, 1980 to 2011
Linda Matar The political economy of investment: A historical examination of domestic investment behaviour in Syria
Thuttai Keeratipongpaiboon Population ageing: Changes in household composition and economic behaviour in Thailand
Suphannada Limpanonda Provincial disparities in Thaliland - Convergence, agglomeration, economies and effects on poverty, 1988-2008