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Department of Economics

BA Economics (with Economics to Appear First in the Degree) Programme Structure 2012-13

Year 1

Core Courses
(153400003) Introduction to Economic Analysis (core and compulsory)


(153400120) Introduction to Quantitative Methods for Economists (for those without A level mathematics or equivalent)


(153400121) Quantitative Methods for Economists (for those with A level mathematics A or B equivalent)

Year 2

(153400107) Intermediate Economic Analysis (compulsory)


(153400121) Quantitative Methods for Economists (if not already taken in year 1)

One or TWO from the following:

(153400124) Issues in Development Economics

(153400100) Banking and Finance

(153400103) Econometrics

(153400106) International Economics

Year 3

At least one from the following:
(153400011) Economics Development of South Asia
(153400012) Economics Development of South East Asia

(153400025) Economic Development of Modern China
(153400031) Economic Development of the Modern Middle East

(153400013) Economics Development of Japan since 1868

(153400103) Econometrics

(153400108) Advanced Economic Analysis
(154300119) Applied Econometrics
(153400109) Economics of Developing Countries II

(153400126) Advanced Mathematical Methods - Not running 2014/15

(153400128) Environmental Economics - Not running 2014/15

(153400125) Global Economic Policy

(153400129) Labour Economics - Not running 2014/15

(153400127) Gender Economics