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Department of Economics

Department of Economics Working Papers

The most recent Department Working Papers are listed below, the full versions are downloadable where available. Otherwise, please contact the Department on the following email to request a working paper. economics@soas.ac.uk




      Bruno Bonizzi, November 2013

       Sophie van Huellen, October 2013

      Duo Qin and Yimeng Liu, September 2013

       Duo Qin and Yanqun Zhang, September 2013

      Kate Bayliss, August 2013

      Paulo dos Santos, April 2013

      Osiel González Dávila, February 2013

      Ben Fine and Elisa Van Waeyenberge, January 2013

      Duo Qin, Zhong Xu, Xuechun Zhang, January 2013

      Ben Groom and Mehroosh Tak, January 2013

      Ben Fine, January 2013


      Deepita Chakravarty and Ishita Chakravarty, July 2012

      Steven Glover, Johnathan Phillips, Aliou Diagne and Ben Groom, June 2012

      Grace Kite, June 2012

      Jan Toporowski, March 2012

      Jan Toporowski, March 2012

      Jan Toporowski, March 2012

      Jan Toporowski, March 2012














  • 97. Korean Stock Prices Under Price Limits: Variance Ratio Tests
    Hung-Jung Ryoo, Graham Smith, October 1999 
  • 96. Variance Ratio Tests of the Random Walk Hypothesis for European Emerging Stock Markets
    Hung-Jung Ryoo, Graham Smith. December 1998
  • 95. The Impact of Stock Index Futures on the Korean Stock Market
    Hung-Jung Ryoo, Graham Smith. November 1999 
  • 94. African Stock Markets: Multiple Variance Ratio Tests of Random Walks.
    Graham Smith, Keith Jefferis, Hyun-Jung Ryoo. Jan. 2000
  • 93. New and Improved: Economics' Contribution to Business History (pdf).
    Professor Ben Fine, February 2000 | Download PDF File
  • 92. Whither the Welfare State: Public versus Private Consumption? (pdf)
    Professor Ben Fine, February 2000
  • 91. Consumption for Historians: An Economist's Gaze (pdf).
    Professor Ben Fin, February 2000
  • 90. Should the Informal Sector to Considered in LDC Economic Policy?
    Claude Sumata., February 2000
  • 89. Purchasing Power Parities and the International Comparison or Real Agricultural Output and Productivity.
    Dr. Massoud Karshenas. June 1999
  • 88. Structural Obstacles to Economic Adjustment in the MENA Region: The International Trade Aspects.
    Dr. Massoud Karshenas. April 1999 
  • 87. North's Institutionalism and the Problem of Combining Theoretical Approaches.
    Paul Vandenberg, March 1999 
  • 86. Dilemmas and Prospects for Economic Reform and Reconstruction in Iran.
    Dr. Hassan Hakimian and Dr. Massoud Karshenas. March 1999 
  • 85. Stuck in Low Gear? Macroeconomic Policy in South Africa 1996-1998 (pdf).
    Professor John Weeks. March 1999
  • 84. Risk, Ethnicity and Property Rights: Towards a Political Economy of Africa's Institutions.
    Paul Vandenberg, March 1999