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English Studies at SOAS

English is a global language. It is used as a first, second and foreign language by close to one billion people around the world. Its global reach has made it one of the most successful means of international communication in history. Global English has also created a rich tapestry of literatures in English and given rise to many different varieties of English, from pidgin to creole.

The English degrees at SOAS place the academic study of English language and literature in the global setting of Asia and Africa, where SOAS has unmatched expertise in linguistic, cultural, political and social contexts.

English can be studied as a three-year programme (BA English), with the option of devoting up to 25% of the syllabus to the study of an Asian or African language. Or a modified version of the programme can be taken over four years in combination with intensive study of an Asian or African language (BA English and...).

Teachers on the English programme include: