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Equality & Diversity Office

Contact Details

 The Diversity Advisor, is responsible for developing and ensuring the implementation of equality policies and monitoring within the School. Working with managers and the Students' Union to ensure that concerns around fairness and equality are addressed effectively.  

The Diversity Advisor is also responsible for the implementation of the Dignity at SOAS procedures which may be used to address inappropriate behaviour (e.g. discrimination, harassment, bullying or victimisation) by other people within the School.

The Diversity Advisor is located at Russell Square in College Buildings on the 1st floor, Room 108.

If you wish to meet the Diversity Advisor, please contact:
Tel: 020 7898 4957
Fax: 020 7898 4019
Email: diversity@soas.ac.uk

SOAS seeks to eliminate discrimination, harassment and victimisation. Such behaviours are never acceptable whether carried out by students, staff or visitors to the premises.

If you have experienced a situation which you believe may constitute discrimination, harassment or bullying you are welcome to contact any one of the Anti-harassment Contacts named below. The contact will listen to your experiences and provide information about your options for dealing with the situation, which can include making a complaint under the Dignity at SOAS policy.

SOAS Anti-Harassment Contacts

Chris Incec.ince@soas.ac.uk+44(0)20 7898 4110
Dorinne Tin Ming Kawdt31@soas.ac.uk+44(0)20 7898 4706