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Dignity at SOAS Policy

SOAS is delighted to have agreed with its Trade Unions a Dignity at SOAS policy & procedure for Staff & Student Complainants (revised Oct 2013).

The Dignity at SOAS suite of documents consists of:

1. The Dignity at SOAS policy (applicable to students & staff)
2a. The procedure for student complaints under the Dignity policy
2b. The procedure for staff complaints under the Dignity policy
3. Appendix 1 which includes the glossary of terms

We also have some "Anti-harassment Contacts" (we are actively looking for a better name for them - suggestions welcome!) and staff training is being offered around issues of unacceptable behaviour - including discrimination, harassment, bullying etc.

If you have any harassment, victimisation or discrimination issues you wish to discuss please contact one of our Anti-harassment Contacts. Or see "contact details" in the menu to the left of this page - you will need to scroll dowwn to the end once you reach that page.

If you are a member of SOAS staff and would be interested in being an Anti-harassment contact, please contact the Diversity Advisor for further information on diversity@soas.ac.uk.

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Dignity at SOAS Glossary (Jan 2014)

Download File (pdf; 213kb)

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Dignity at SOAS Policy (Jan 2014)

Download File (pdf; 207kb)

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Dignity at SOAS Staff Procedures (Jan 2014)

Download File (pdf; 164kb)

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Dignity at SOAS Student Procedures (Jan 2014)

Download File (pdf; 163kb)